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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Lady Ophelia takes the waters

Before this weeks postcard I'd like to thank the Ladies over at The Game Challenge for picking my "Jack be nimble" page as the winner for last week. Yes folks...they actual select the winners themselves!

Sorry for the delay in this weeks postcard from Lady Ophelia. Having problems with my printer(hubby used all the ink) so have been unable to get my book page done :S, but I thought I'd share my postcard anyway :D

The national flower of Poland is the Corn Poppy

"My Dearest Lillian,
I can not believe that my "bump" is showing so much already.
Richard decided it would be a good idea to have a quiet week, and has taken us to a sanatorium in Poland. The waters here are said to be particularly efficacious, the Americans even have them delivered to their towns and cities. Miss Francesca assures me that they will not harm the baby,and that relaxing in the spa can only be good for me. Although she has barred me from the more rigorous exercise regimes, I am enjoying long walks with Richard, who is becoming increasingly protective as the weeks pass.
Don't you find that there is something about Poppies in cornfields that is simply magical? So dainty and delicate compared to the tough stalks of the corn.
affectionately yours, Ophelia xxx"

" My Darling Ophelia,
Whenever I see poppies in corn, they remind me of you and Sir Richard. My delicate little flower with her strong protector.
Have you felt the baby moving yet? I am told it is a wondrous experience, akin to butterflies fluttering in your belly.
On other news, are you acquainted with Mr Harrup, a gardener for your father's estate? Well, he has been most helpful with the positioning and tending of the more unusual plants you have sent me. In fact, he has asked if I will attend church with him this coming Sunday. I have to say, I have a few butterflies of my own right now. This will be the first time I have ever entertained a gentleman's company. As a Governess, it is frowned upon, but as an independent woman it is quite exciting.
Your ever faithful friend, Lillian xxx"

So the tides turn, and the teacher needs to learn from the pupil! 
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Ah Sir I wonder who you can get to play that role when the film rights are sold? LOL ;)
    xoxo Sioux

    1. Hahaha...hadn't thought...but now you mention it, a certain gentleman in your sidebar springs to mind :D

  2. Beautiful poppies, Gina. Miss Lillian better watch out for Mr. Harrup - he has a way with nature and getting things growing! This is shaping up to be a jolly good pot-boiler in the Catherine Cookson mould! (only jesting).

    Janet xx

  3. Delicious flowers with beautiful colors. The poppies are my favorite flowers, yours are exquisite.

  4. poppies in cornfields ARE magical, and when there pops some of the cornflowers too...I melt like butter in the sun ;) love your poppies!!

  5. beautiful flowers, and great colours. love your story,

  6. Fantastic, poppies are my favorite flowers.

  7. This story is fantastic! Going to church with Mr. Harrup. I wonder will be happening??? ;o))

  8. Poppies in cornfields are indeed magical.
    Great off to think about who I would cast in the!
    Hugs xx

  9. I'm terrible... You won't believe what I was thinking when I read "bump." Actually, I think you would ;-)