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Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Look into my eyes......!

So let's talk the Eighties...HUGE shoulder pads, glamorous hair does and fabulous make-up...
not me! This pic is me in 1986 aged23, in fact it was taken at our wedding party. Everyone else dressed "as above"..the bride, in a leather fitted mini dress(black of course), a few silver trinkets and a bit of eye liner :D My hair as uncontrollable as ever...I like being different :D
I was going to do a white on black sketch from this photo, but I glow in the dark, so not enough definition, then I remembered the challenge at The Game this week, which has a random selection of elements to use. I'd already made my selection, 1 image and 8 words. Using your 2 items make a wall hanging so...
I made this :D
I started with a 10"x7" piece of card from a take out meal :D...
coated with gesso, acrylic paint(cerulean and ultramarine blue) and drips of blue and brown ink...
my image and my 8 words(in the Haiku stylie...though I don't follow rules well)
started blocking in colour to build a picture...
adding detail with a white sakura gel pen(more japanesieness)
Coloured the words with distress inks(mustard seed and peeled paint)
"look into my eyes......."
and whalla!
More doodling with  white gel and yellow souffle pens, 3 ribbon loops stapled in place and (because of the oriental links) threaded onto a chopstick to hang from :D

I loved the 80's. It was actually a very eclectic time, when just about anything was wearable and the music rocked!...and I met and married a gorgeous and loving man :D (he had ringlets and a tash!!!) in fact while we're sharing...
and yes...the lady in the background is wearing a duck mask :D
Enjoy XXX


  1. So cool, I enjoyed reading this post.

  2. Thanks for sharing....loved the 80' the leather!!! LOL
    xoxo Sioux

  3. O, this is such a pretty collage and so are you. that's a good idea: add a haiku to the

    1. Wasn't sure if it really counted as a Haiku, but if you call it that too it must be :D

  4. So enjoyed reading your blog today - and the photographs. Great stuff. xoDonna

  5. beeeeeeeutiful. oh i remember the 80s. i was always into big hair and bling, lots of bling. duh!

    our gov't will do NOTHING about the drought. sometimes they even tell the firefighters to just give it up already. i HATE them all. don't get me started!

    all else is good except for my heel. don't know what that's about but as long as i stay off it, it's ok. maybe a few days rest will make it go away. anyway, my DR is on maternity leave. sure... now she goes! LOL

    hugs :)

  6. You sexy, sexy mama! And I LOVE your man's pants!

    Awesome witchy hat, and did I mention how sexy you look in that picture? Wow!

    For me, the 80s were all about the forbidden dance. I will share tomorrow ;-)

  7. Wonderful step by step transformation. Yes the eighties has undoubtedly been the best of my life and where I was born as a photographer with my first works in 1987. What sweet memories ...

  8. Gina, excellent post! So creative what you made! I love it! Your mind never stops! I love seeing the picture of you and your hubby! Very cute couple you two are ;o) I loved the eighties too! Best time! Fantastic music!

  9. Gina, this is absolutely wonderful! I love the details and the photo is perfect :)
    Thanks for once again playing THE GAME.
    Please spread the word to your friends!
    Susan (DT)

  10. Fabulous post hun! Your photos are awesome and love what you created with your pictures!

  11. Loved the progress pics - and the photos!! Great challenge piece hon. xxx

  12. love the finished piece...sou looks so mischievous ;)

  13. and oohhh love your new header and background!!!

  14. Gina, you're so cute! :) Love the witchy you.

  15. Great photos!!! I really like what you did with the with your photo!

  16. fab photos and even better end result

  17. So very 80s. The 80s had the best music. I love your progress shots. And very handsome hubby, a gorgeous hip happening couple clearly!! :D