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Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fruits of my labours...

Heart #10 for my 31 Hearts in July
Fruits of entanglement :D

...and a bright spot in this dark dull summer..
my new lilies flowered! And they are scented!!!

They have that wonderful aroma you used to get in old chemist/herbalist shops, which I am describing as a mixture of Vanilla and Nutmeg.
For those interested they are Regale Album Trumpet lilies, and I bought them from QVC item no.500307.
It's just a shame they are never going to make it out of the greenhouse this year.

And this is my poor overgrown, waterlogged garden...which will survive as long as we don't get any strong winds before the land hardens up again :S

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. I love those entwined fruits!
    Also love your lilies..absolutely gorgeous.
    Sadly our garden resembles yours....:(
    Hugs xx

  2. I can't look at the flowers now without the thought of rice pudding, or blackberry jelly. Love the doodled hearts.

  3. Love the fruity hearts Gina, and the lilies are gorgeous and as for the garden it looks like a lush tropical rain forest from the view you've posted. Just need a 'Chunky Monkey' running around out there. :-) xx

  4. Love them Gina! So sorry I couldn't take part in this challenge.....

  5. I am hoping you are holding out girl, I can't believe it ever having been this bad in the UK. I am coming round for some wine in the green house! Love the heart theme.

  6. Great photos, Gina! We have tiger lilies planted outside and they are huge. :))

  7. Fabulous hearts. At present it's wet, wet, wet, too. We just have had thunder and lightning...

  8. Your fruits of entanglement is beautiful! Oh and those lilies are gorgeous! I wish I could smell them! Wow, look at your garden!! Have fun ;o) I would ;o)