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Friday, 27 July 2012

Lady Ophelia salutes the Heroes

Week 30 of Darcy's Postcard challenge, and Lady Ophelia is in INDIA
The national flower of India is the Lotus or, as we call it, the Water Lily. 

"My dearest Lillian,
I can not believe this is the last time I will be addressing my cards to "Miss Lillian Crowther". I so wish I could be at your wedding next week, the 1st of August is such a romantic date, and the garden must be filled with the scent of roses and lavender. Wherever I am on that day, I will be thinking of you and toasting your happiness. Richard says we can have a special supper in your honour, he is such a softy sometimes.
I am writing to you from India, where we are attending a Military display by the newly formed Indian Army. Many of these native soldiers received medals for their immense valour in a siege in April. Apparently, the odds were around 5-1, similar to those of Henry V at Agincourt.
As a treat, I was allowed to ride on an elephant, but in a special seat due to my condition. I have purchased the most adorable outfits for when the baby is older. Miss Francesca frowned at me, said it was bad luck to be buying things this early. Richard said "TOSH!", and told me to buy whatever I wanted. I bought you Water lilies, do you have a lake in the garden?
Miss Francesca is frantically boiling everything again, but when I saw everyone bathing and washing their clothes in the river, I couldn't blame her really.
yours affectionately, Ophelia xxx"

"My darling Ophelia,
I'm glad to hear Miss Francesca is still taking great care of you. Henry V died of dysentery!
And how honoured you are to have met those brave soldiers. There was a report in the London Gazette only last week about the Siege of Chitral . Amazing story.
Marcus laughed when I read him your query about a lake, he says he will start on a pond after the wedding.
I don't have time to write much today, as I still have to add the finishing touches to my wedding gown. I am however, very excited about receiving my first card from you addressed to "Mrs Lillian Harrup"
I wish you could be here too. I will save you a slice of the cake, and a flower from my bouquet.
Your ever loving friend, Lillian xxx" 
Images on page: bathing in the Ganges 1895, A regiment of the Indian Army 1895, an elephant with ceremonial seat 1895, and 2 children dressed in traditional clothing circa 1895

This is a water colour that Ophelia(aged 16) painted of Miss Lillian, while she was "reading" in her window seat.
Lillian keeps this as a bookmark. She can still be found sitting, reading in her window seat, though she has a few more wrinkle now.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Another fascinating episode...I do love reading your chapters!
    Hugs xx

  2. Hmm, sitting in a window seat with wrinkles, sounds like a good description of me! Lovely card! Valerie

  3. I really miss making these postcards I must pull myself together and hop in again. I love your story! :)

  4. Loving the story and the art!

  5. Wonderful! Wish I was going to the wedding. Can't wait to see the photograph.

    Janet xx

  6. I agree wish I was going. another great postcard. love your story and great art..

  7. You've been doing a lot of research for this challenge. Love the postcard and Lady Ophelia's portrait!

  8. Wonderful on the lotus flower, great composition, greetings.

  9. Gina, you amaze me! This journey with you is fantastic! I love the story and the history and of course I love your art ;o)

  10. Lovely Lotus flower postcard and a sweet exchange between the two.
    Jen x

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  12. aaawww the painting of Orphelia make me so relaxed! Wonderful! I wanna be one of these beautiful waterlilies swimming in the cold water of the lake ;) it is hot here, but I like it!!

  13. Great post Gina, your story has unfolded more since the last time I popped in (sorry). Lovely postcard and photos.
    Thanks for your lovely comment today.
    hugs {brenda} xox

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  16. Gina oh you must be getting so excited for the wedding!!- What color of dress are you wearing?
    LOL-- oh yea this is a virtual story isn't it? Boy I alomst forgot because your story is getting better each week.

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