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Friday, 20 July 2012

Lady Ophelia walks with Giants

I think everyone knows the national flower of Ireland is the Shamrock, but have you noticed how perfectly heart-shaped the leaves are? They are the 20th heart of my 31 Hearts for July :D

"My Dearest Lillian,
I am writing to you today from Ireland...I know...why we did not come here before going to Germany is a mystery to me also. Miss Francesca says we could have swum here from the Isle of Man!
We are visiting the County of Antrim, where it has long been rumoured that a "giant" resides. Richard thinks this stuff and nonsense, but the locals assured us that proof would soon be shown. They say that a Mr Dyer found the remains of one such being whilst prospecting, and has it in safe keeping. We visited the "Giant's Causeway". Again Richard says this is nonsense, and that the attraction is merely a "Geological affectation, caused by ancient volcanic activity". Really! Have you ever seen a volcano in the British Isles?
You know how I so love to walk in beautiful gardens, well the prestigious Belfast Botanical Gardens have this year been opened to the public. Miss Francesca and I took a stroll there this afternoon. It was lovely to see all the children marvelling at the exhibits, and playing on the lawns. Richard was at another of those damnable "footie" matches.
I am so glad that you like the kitten, and that you named her Effie. Now no matter where I am, I will always be with you too.
Yours affectionately, Ophelia xxx" 

"My Darling Ophelia,
Feel free to remind Sir Richard that, although Science is a marvellous thing that benefits mankind greatly, Folklore and Imagination are the things that fuel it! This belief in beings greater than ourselves has long held an interest for me. The Irish believe that their nation was once inhabited by Giants. They call them the "Formoiri", and there are many reported cases of remains of Giants being found, Even noted individual such as St Patrick recorded such happenings. And did not the scribes of ancient times write in the Holy Bible of such creatures? Genesis 6:4, and the story of David and Goliath,"Born of the Giant". there is too much anecdotal  evidence for Science to just brush this belief aside. Perhaps it would be for the betterment of all, if the men and women of Science looked deeper into such stories. With all their new abilities who knows what they may yet prove?
Apologise if I sound a little terse...I believe I am suffering from what is known as "wedding jitters". I still can't believe that next month I will be Mrs Lillian Harrup!
your adoring friend, Lillian xxx"

Not sorted printer yet so no page again :S
In 1895 Mr Dyer of County Antrim sent his "Fossilised Giant" to Manchester and London, though it mysteriously disappeared before scientists could get a good look at it.

Also, last week Janet said she would like to see a picture of Effie...
(a water colour sketch of Effie by Miss Lillian , the summer before she married Sir Richard)

..then as I was adding this pic it occurred to me she meant the kitten lol...I guess I will just have to work on a post introducing all the Characters with a small biog for each of them :D
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Gosh I can't believe how organised you are with your art. I am still wishing I was doing the postcard challenge but became overwhelmed by all I had commited to. How do you do it, quality and quantity art? You are my super hero Gina!

  2. Gorgeous card, love the developments in your story and your pictures! Valerie

  3. Super instalment yet again! Lovely to see Effie, thank you very much for taking the time and trouble. Cannot wait for the wedding!! Wonderful artwork.

    Janet xx

  4. I love your storytelling. And just to add more to your workload...a bio post for your characters?! are not just Manon's superhero, you are a superhero full stop!! :)

  5. Oh what a beautiful adventure! Just perfect! You keep your dreams while others try to limit them. Your awesome!

  6. Miss Lillian is very talented. :) I love the portrait!

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  8. Ooooh Gina, to be able to draw like you...beautiful art!! Enjoying the story as well! xox

  9. an interesting story. a lovely painting. how clever you are keeping the story going...

    1. sticking with it because they say we each have a book in us :D

  10. The envelopes looks wonderful :)

  11. I never knew anything about the giants! Very interesting! I would love to see all the characters in your story ;o) Take Care ;o)

  12. Loved this episode of the story...fancy Richard being at a "footie"
    Pleased to see the picture of Effie....could you introduce a dog to the story and draw a picture...pretty please??
    Hugs xx

  13. Wonderful work, thanks for letting us see Effie. The story line is great. Well done for keeping it going so well.
    Jen x

  14. Once again such a wonderful botanical image- the story line continues as well - Always look forward to each week to see where this story is going...

  15. gorgeous shamrock leaves, nice to see Miss Effie, i would love to see the kitten too lol