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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Quick post today

First, a WIP called Queen of Hearts, for next weeks Butterfly Effect prompt "Tarot cards"
Just to show I am not just doing fun sketches for the 31 Hearts for July challenge :D

...and here is heart #5 :D

I's an addiction lol :D
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. I like the look of your tarot card will be back to see the finished item ;0)

  2. oh i love the face!!

    ur such a good friend, being cranky with me! i know when son moves in he's bringing his dog whom i just love, and she won't be begging or anywhere near the table when we eat either. great minds, huh? i just think it's rude. oh well. i won't be going to their house much anymore anyway.

    hope it's cool by u, it's sweltering here!

    hugs :)

  3. Home, sweet home. Beautiful heart.

  4. Love them both Gina ;o) Can't wait to see your tarot card completed! Take Care ;o)

  5. Great work Gina, looking forward to seeing the TC finished. Found a couple of the Tyvek envelopes, that I had had a delivery in.Cant believe I had some all the time!! lol
    Have a good weekend. Hugs Lynne xx

  6. My LOVES your hearts! Can't wait to see what you'll do with the Tarot card!