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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Star Trekking

This week's theme at The Butterfly Effect is "STAR TREK" suggested by my hubby...cos he was watching re-runs when I asked for themes :S
But when I started thinking about it, that programme actually lends itself to all sorts of inspiration. I was in love with Captain Kirk...and the mixed race crew, all treating each other with respect and loyalty was way ahead of it's time. The fact that they tried to ban the scene were Kirk kisses Uhura shows how they used the stories to push the boundaries...beyond the Final Frontier :D
One of my favourite things about the programmes is the amazingly surreal worlds they visit, so that is the angle I took.
I had decided to revamp an early canvas that didn't quite gel for me any more...
First I covered it with an acrylic glaze...yuk, major fail!

Next I added a layer of white gesso, and stuck on some plastic mesh...

...and piled on a thicker layer of Gesso.

I liked this much better. When it had dried, I felt it was the wrong way round, and decided to use it as a landscape for my Star Trek piece.

I used sponge pieces to apply acrylic paints to the entire surface, 

and dripped inks to create plant like growths....the plant life on most of the planets they visited looked gnarled or scorched :D...

and it wouldn't have been Star Trek without a "gaseous anomaly"...
( I removed the decoupage and plastered more gesso over it to give better texture)

and of least 3 moons, preferably aligned :D

If I learned only one thing from the Star Trek experience, it is that anything is possible!
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Love your take on it, Gina. :) I am not a fan and I have no idea where to start. Lol!

  2. Love this!!!! I am a fan and the ideas are endless :0) I just can't decide where to begin!

  3. Wow, so fantastic, a wonderful result.

  4. Love the process and the end result! I hope I get a chance to play with the theme this week! xo

  5. I was in love with Captain Kirk too!

    Love this piece, great colours and texture.

  6. Very cool remix!!! I have a couple of canvases I need to deconstruct as well.

  7. Gina, I absolutely love what you did with the canvas. I like it much better. Dreamy.

  8. Indeed, my Gina love. What a beauty. I want to jump, head first, in those wonderful colors. I love Star Trek, always have. The idea of so many races coexisting in, um... relative peace, is amazing. And you are right, the best thing is the surrealistic perspective of the worlds and the characters.

    Love this post! Many points to the hubby ;-)

  9. Oh my Gina that's a serious piece of upcycling, I liked it before I love it now!

  10. Wow what a transformation Gina, truly a remarkable work of art, love it.
    Have a great week.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  11. What a fabulous redo...and a great idea for the Star Trek theme :)

  12. Wonderful, simply wonderful...and so very Star Trek!
    Hugs xx

  13. This is so cool! I love it!!! Great recycling with the canvas and all the materials!

  14. Love all the layers! Such a different look from how you started. I also love Star Trek. I am a not so closet fan and thought you did wonderful choosing. Thank your husband from me. :)

  15. I love the finished work & all the detailed pics showing the steps! I dragged my girls to meet Wil Weaton at our last SupaNova Convention outing this year... he he... sorry I didn't get anything done for the Butterfly Post :( Oh Yeah... I have a soft spot for Data ;)