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Friday, 17 August 2012

Lady Ophelia and the wriggly bottom!

This week's instalment of Darcy's Postcard Challenge finds Lady Ophelia in SOUTH AFRICA.

The national flower of South Africa is the Protea

" My dearest Lillian,
We are now in the most heavenly place on earth, except for dear old England of course. Richard has brought us to the newly dedicated game reserve at St Lucia, South Africa. And before you start on at me about the Boers, all is quiet for the time being.
Miss Francesca has confined me to quarters, as she says it is far too hot at this time of year for me to be venturing forth. I do , however, have the most spectacular view from the balcony. A herd of Zebra just wandered passed, and the sunsets!!!
On the journey here, we heard many rumours about the "disruptions" being caused by a young man from India named Gandhi. He has only been here for a few weeks. but is already causing mischief amongst the Indian populace. He is a very striking and charismatic young man, and is trying to bring unity amongst the peoples of South Africa by peaceful protest. Richard has gone off to listen to one of Gandhi's gatherings. He, Richard, is quite taken with his, Gandhi's, words.
Oooow...the baby is getting quite large now, and wriggles around rather a lot. Miss Francesca says "wriggly bottoms are generally boys". I do hope so.
Your hot and bothered friend, Ophelia xxx"

" My darling Ophelia,
I wait with baited breath to hear what Sir Richard makes of this young gentleman's teachings. We have only heard rumours here too, but he seems to be preaching equality for all, which after all, is a God given right. I pray only that his passivity is not met with the bullying tactics of the gun toting Boers....but I will not discuss that topic at this time.
I am much more interested in your goings on. You must be about 7 months gone by now. I can not even imagine what you must look like, or how you are coping with the travelling. Have you seen any elephants yet? Or heard the roar of the lions at sunset? I remember that sound from my childhood, both terrifying and amazingly soothing at the same time. I used to imagine that that was how the voice of God sounded when he was commanding the elements to create this paradise we so plainly named Earth.
Marcus laughs at me when I talk like that...says " she's off with the faeries again". He smiles all the time. I am so glad he came into my life. He has nearly finished the classroom extension to the cottage, and I am to shop for furnishings next week. I already have 3 students booked to start extra tuition in September when the harvest is finished. They will give me something to focus on, while I am worrying about you.
Your ever devoted friend, Lillian xxx"

On my page; Sunset at St Lucia, Zebras at St Lucia, St Lucia in the daylight, and a photo of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, in South Africa 1895

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. your story is great, very good to read. beautiful flower. and a great travel page. have a good week-end

  2. Fabulous instalment! Lovely postcard and travel page.

    Janet xx

  3. Great postcard, you have captured the Protea so well. And I love the story, including Gandhi and wriggly bottoms! Valerie

  4. Beautiful flower, yes, again we have agreed on the subject, on a beautiful South Africa.

  5. Wonderful envelope, also the collage looks great.

  6. Wonderful card and I love your story. Cheers

  7. LOL wiggly bottoms... Anyways another wonderful botanical card- Love how you brought the visit by Gandhi into the storyline.

  8. "Wiggly Bottoms"! LOL! too funny! Loved everything Gina! Can't wait for more ;o) Take Care ;o)

  9. lol at the wriggly bottoms, beautiful flower. Cant wait to see this baby. hmm we will be close to home in 8 weeks.

  10. Sorry so late getting round to look. Great read as always and a beautifully painted flower.
    Jen x

  11. Wriggly bottoms!! Very true in my case. Boy child much more active than girl child (though that is still the same considering she has an aversion to sweat). :D

  12. Gorgeous flower and a great instalment of the story...wriggly bottom and all!
    Hugs xx