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Friday, 10 August 2012

Lady Ophelia on an Island of Soldiers

Week 32 of Darcy's postcard challenge, and Lady Ophelia is visiting the island of MALTA
I hadn't realised how small Malta is, even made up of 3 islands! It does however have an official flower, the Maltese Centaury. It is a wild flower that grows in the rocky places all over the islands, and are much "pinker" than my pics have come out :D

"My dearest Lillian,
 do hope all is well with you. It was strange not to receive a letter from you in the dispatches.
We are visiting the island of Malta. There are soldiers everywhere! It is a very busy little place as our armed forces use it as a stopping off point on their way to foreign fields. They are building schools and a sanatorium for the families of the soldiers, and Miss Francesca took the opportunity to get me "checked over" by a visiting doctor who specialises in "women's issues". He used a much fancier word to describe himself, but I have no idea how to spell it. Suffice to say I was not keen on being examined in this manner by a stranger. Miss Francesca held my hand, and told me to close my eyes and think of the baby. He also gave us a lecture on hygiene, as there is a drought here, and many people are succumbing to "diseases of the bowel".
Miss Francesca has never looked so at home as she does here, and has had to be reminded that she is employed for my care alone, and not to keep "popping out" to attend to the needs of every passing soldier.
Richard just called in to say he has received a message from father to say you are away on honeymoon, which I guess explains the lack of a letter.

Yours affectionately. Ophelia xxx

P.S. Dr said everything is "AS IT SHOULD BE". " 

"My darling Ophelia,
So glad you have had chance for a proper examination with a Gynaecologist. I know it must have been an ordeal for you, but with all this dashing about, definitely a good idea. Please be careful about the places you are visiting, you are in no condition to be picking up Dysentery or such like illnesses. I know Miss Francesca is doing a sterling job, but if she persists on "popping out" you must tell Sir Richard, as this inappropriate behaviour could reflect badly on yourselves.
As to our honeymoon, we had a wonderful time strolling along the promenade, watching the little fishing boats bobbing in and out of the harbour. We also spent quite a lot of time at the Abbey ruins, breathtaking in their grandeur and full of stories of romance and bloodshed. In the hotel we were treated like royalty, as the manager was determined to impress your father.
Marcus is out in the garden already. I love to sit in the window and watch him working. I have such a feeling of contentment, tainted only by your not being here.

Your ever-loving friend, Lillian xxx"

On my page this week; Trooping of the colour in Palace Square Malta 1895, a group of soldiers waiting to disembark in Malta 1895, troop ship HMS Malabar in the harbour Malta 1895 and Dr Alphonse Portelli Carbone(visiting Gynaecologist who remained in Malta for many years)

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Fascinating stuff Gina and I love your art work and images.
    Hugs xx

  2. Beautiful art work - love the Ophelia saga.

  3. Love how you combine history with your story...beautiful art, too!

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  5. Miss Francesca and soldiers, eh?:)) Always enjoy reading your stories. Great postcard!

  6. pretty flowers, how clever you are keeping history and story together, excellent, I shall miss all these people when the chanllenge finishes... great card and page. xxx

  7. what lovely little flowers.
    cant wait to see you on Wednesday.x

  8. Malta, and patches of Maltese Centaury in bloom, bring to mind some of my most precious Marine Corps days... I might have a flower in a book, waiting to take me down memory lane... "As it should be" indeed ;-)

  9. Brilliant AGAIN!!! Your research is first class and the story superb.

    Janet xx

  10. You did a wonderful job on this post in both prose and art! Hugs

  11. Excellent Gina!! I love the history and I love the story! When this is all done, you are going to have a book!

  12. Such pretty flowers. Loving this continuing story, feel like I really know these people.
    Jen x

  13. They certainly are beautiful flowers, where I live there knapweed. Greetings.

  14. Gina another great botanical card and the storyline is really getting interesting as well. Hope they "Both " stay healthy

  15. :) I love the history and stories you share!! Gorgeous flowers.