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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Embracing the moment!

Two days ago my friend Magaly(Pagan Culture), asked if she could use one of my paintings "Light of my Life" as the header for her FB page. I was totally flattered, and said yes :D Magaly was so excited she posted "MINE! not really..." which made me laugh, so I thought I would make her a painting of her own. It is much smaller than the previous paintings, on 8x5 art board (so I can afford to post it lol). 
Magaly likes "dark and sexy"..and dancing :D

For my base layer, I used dictionary pages, containing words such as "dark", "dancing", "light", "sincere" you get the idea :D, and because I didn't have Magaly for her hand prints I used mine..the hand of friendship :D
...and started to build up the layers around 2 figures dancing/embracing
I used red and yellow(plus the blue of my hands) because Magaly is an intensely primal being, so primary colours :D. I believe she would also admit to being a very "fiery" faerie :D so red and yellow also represent the flames of her passionate nature ...

then a layer of black glaze...cos she likes the darkside :D

Looks a bit pink here, but it is red acrylic let down with glazing medium... 
and the grey area is iridescent paint that shimmers when you walk by ...just like Magaly :D
I was going to call it "Dancing in the Dark", but felt "Embrace the Moment" suited it better for now :D
Hope you like it Magaly, will post it when I've finished collecting stuff for the Samhain parcel I'm putting together for you :D
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Oh my goodness Gina I am speechless! what stunning and so personal art work. Amazing!

    1. Thank you Janet...your opinion truly matters to me :D

  2. Gina...this is fab-u-lous! I love it!
    Hugs xx

  3. you can show all the tutorials you want. i'll still NEVER be able to do this. how fabulous!

    hugs :)

  4. An amazing metamorphosis and a very special painting for your friend. I am sure she will treasure it.
    Take care.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  5. Gina this is priceless! Stunning! If Magaly doesn't want it, I will have it! LOL! Hugs ;o)

  6. I just love seeing how it really blossomed into the final painting. Just lovely. :)

  7. Oh my that is utterly gorgeous - what a wonderful gift!

  8. Beautiful, I commented on facebook, but knowing the story is even more beautiful. :) Now I have to go find Magaly's facebook page!!

  9. What a terrific project, luv it.
    Also like your "signature"

  10. You did an amazing job capturing her personality in this artwork. Great job! :)

  11. Fabulous any way you look at it! Brava!