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Friday, 21 September 2012

I needs a Faerie Godmummy!

So sorry for the long absence AGAIN! Life wasn't/isn't quite as sorted as I thought. Today I have my own 13 year old son studying at home...and a friends 13 year old son, studying here because he too is struggling with the school set up this term.
The only art I have managed is this altered doll, which is supposed to be for Magaly's Dark Faeries Halloween party (31st October...obviously...NOT end of this month as I was working to*bangs head on desk at own stupidity*)
So I thought I'd share what I have done so far...

Bought Halloween decorations pack of 2 12" dolls for £1(went back and bought more lol)...

decided to make a  "Faerie God Mummy"

Painted plastic doll with a coat of white gesso...

...then a layer of watered down black acrylic paint...

Though...."all faeries like to wear pink" painted her bandages "poodle pink"

...and she would like a bit of a make-up job, cos she wouldn't REALLY want to scare the kiddies :D

All classy Egyptian mummies have black hair....fact!

I made her dress from scrap cotton fabric, and plaited some ribbons for her belt. Am in the process of making her wand, and adding finishing touches to her outfit(cos all faeries need sparkle, right?)
Will get my arse in gear next week, but we are having a "blob- out" weekend ie: DVD film fest + snack foods + blankies(might involve alcohol, cos then hubby CAN'T drive). Even helpful folks like us need to recharge occasionally :D
Will post more pics when finished. Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Uah, just a bit scary, makes me shivering :D

  2. Creepy faerie.....but you've done a wonderful job on her!
    Enjoy your "blob out" weekend...sounds like sheer bliss to me!
    Hugs xx

  3. OOOoo, I love what you have done so far, Gina. Very Creepy face - good job1 Looking forward to the finished product. I will be arriving friday night, pillow, blankie, and booze in hand for your blissful weekend, xoDonna

  4. How wonderful creepy! Ah, you're such a clever gal. Have fun, can't wait to see more. hugs, Kimberly

  5. I always wanted a faerie godmummy! And in pink? Yum! I already love her.

    And don't feel too bad about thinking that the party was at the end of this month, I just killed myself satisfying a deadline, which is for October 21 NOT September 21st *sigh* It's in the air.

    P.S. All Hallow's Grim: The Darker Side of Faerie is October 25th lol

    1. If I think she will survive the journey, I will post her to you when she is finished :D

  6. I wish we were at the end of October... ehehe!! Your Godmummy is AWESOME! I wanted to make something for the Darker Side, too. It seems that I'll have to work next weekend. But then I want to restart blogging and making art for good!! :))

  7. I can't wait to see her done! !!!!! She is creepy sexy ;o)