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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Are all Fearies friendly?

Welcome to my post for my dear friend Magaly's All Hallows Grim Blog Party :D
This years theme is "The Darker side of Faeries"
Now most of you will recognise me as a friendly (almost 50) homemaker, who likes to get a bit busy in the art and craft department....but I can have a dark side too!
The first thing that sprang to my mind was to make a Faerie Godmummy(forgot to take a final photo) and she is hopefully already with Magaly by now :D

So then I had to make someone else. I was making a Witch out of wood, but she decided to get all jazzed up for the party, and disguised herself as a sparklie faerie :D

Hmmmmmmmmm.......thinks I...
Maybe I should disguise myself for the party too, just a new hat and a bit of lippy...

oh and hair...dreads to be exact :D My hair is too fine to dread(I think), so I bought some extentions from Woodland Wild called Elflocks....and I love them(though my kids said "your not going out to the shops in them are you?")

...and why not be a faerie for the day? Hubby likes the new/old me. He says I look more like me dressed like this. I certainly feel more like me :D

...and you all know I am a Garden I am going to kick the middle-aged thing into touch and reconnect with Nature(yes that basket is full of apples I grew)

(I love this is how I see me)

And last but not least, a canvas I painted called "Through the Veil"

A lot of people get all creeped out about reaching out to lost loved ones at this time of year. I try to think of it as them being on a journey in a region where there are few "hot spots" and poor phone signals. Samhain/Halloween, is the point where the signal is clearest. It is their(and our) chance to phone home and let us know how they are! If your family members where travelling abroad and you got an unexpected call or text from them, would you ignore it? Or grab the phone and chat for as long as you could? So what if it "might" be a wrong number or nuisance can always hang up :D

...but the hand reaching out to you probably just wants to say "hello, I'm ok!"

Will you extend the hand of friendship? This Faerie ALWAYS does :D

From this Faerie's friendly heart
A wish for all before we part,
That love and frienships hold you dear
Til we meet again at the close of year.

A Blessed Samhain to you all :D
(and yes I know we're a week early, but Mags is moving house :D)


  1. Love this post, love your new look and the sparkly faerie is gorgeous!
    Hugs xx

  2. Love you Gina! :)) I think fairies would love to have you. :))

  3. You are looking good girl! Love the dreads me needs some too lol.

  4. Totally awesome! The dreads look very fetching and you should totally show them off out and about. Happy All Hallows Grim! :D

  5. Love the 'hot spots' analogy:) When is see the Elf dreads, my first thought is to add some snake heads & here's Medusa!

  6. I like everything you have here.
    I am now following you.
    ~Naila Moon

  7. I greatly enjoyed your photo-story.
    Yes, I never understood why people would freak out, when their loved ones contact them. Only because they are dead, doesn't change the fact, that they are still your family.

  8. Great story, I enjoyed reading it :) You are a wonderful faerie. I also love your canvas and its title, reminds me of Harry Potter....

  9. What a fun post Gina! Love the projects and the new look. I did have to laugh at your kids wondering if you planned to go out that way. lol You only live this life once, make it count I say. :)

  10. Gina, I love this post! I love the pictures of you! The painting is breathe taking and very meaningful! You have a way with words my friend! A Blessed Samhain to you ;o)

  11. Awesome post Gina!! I love your art work!
    here is my post:

    Love n light,

  12. I love those dreads! You should wear them always if they make you feel more you! The painting is gorgeous. It gave me chills and warmed my heart all at once. It was indeed a glimpse through the veil. Brightest Blessings of the Season to you.

  13. Oh so much fun -- all great stuff. Personally adpre you in your Witches hat. Sort of belongs on you. :o) xoDonna

  14. Just like the Faery you are, you showed have a playful nature. You've made me wonder how I would look with dreds. I might just experiment with that. The wings look good on you.

    You grow apples?! Awesome! I have a fig tree!

  15. Beautiful canvas, the colours are amazing~
    Gotta love your fairy godmummy too! XD

    // Virtual Boy

  16. Love your new look ;) Does suit you;) Great post :) I'll be on the high seas on the that could be really spooky!!! LOL
    xoxo Sioux

    1. OOOW....hope you get a calm sea with the moon shining on it :D

  17. Beautiful pictures, I love this bewitching fairy terrible and bad.

  18. Gina... There is something disarming about your posts that make me feel so special, like you share these glimpses into your life and I've been lucky enough to get an invite to partake in a private party and share secrets, glue, paint and glitter... And totally I'm wanting dreads now, and a bite of one of your tasty apples LOL You look perfect as a dreaded babe, it's funny as we get older our children can seem like the conservative ones ;) I've got an idea... We can go shopping together, you look great :)

  19. This is absolutely incredible! I ADORE you and the dreads and think it is absolutely beautiful that you see yourself as you are in the photo with the apples as it is a wonderful sight.

    Your painting is so thought provoking. I would like to press my hand up against it's own. Have a beautiful week. Mina

  20. I LOVE my Faerie God Mummy. Just so you know, she is hanging (flying?) by the window staring at me while I write.

    And, my goodness Gina, you love stunning. Um, I couldn't stop staring at the bobbies, by the way *sigh*

    P.S. Is it terribly embarrassing that I'm late for my own party? Hope not.

  21. I have so enjoyed catching up on your posts today, the dreads are so cool, i have been toying with the idea of dyeing part of my hair a bright color before i turn 50, but i know the kids will be a bit horrified...
    Wonderful delicious food here, and lots to see and think about!