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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Hands for Halloween???

Not had any arting time today, so I decided to dig out my nail box.
It is a box I altered to store my nail care kit in...
contents plus a pack of cotton wool pads...
..and a rather sparse colour palette :S
I love my Matt Black...
but the sun is shining, so I added glossy green tips :D
This "Halloween" mood is being fed by the Samhain's Sirens daily blog posts, and today they are giving away a "Home Cleansing kit" from Three Cats and a Broom. ..and lets face it, my house needs all the help it can get :D


  1. I just shrieked! I LOVE your nails. Those colors are perfect. Now, hour nails can go on a date ;-)

    I'm very excited about the Samhain Sirens. I post on the 17th!

  2. Very cool Nails!!! Love your nail box!

  3. Wow!!! LOOOVE your black nails!!!

  4. Beautiful and Magical chest, these delightful two-tone green fingernails.