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Friday, 9 November 2012

A note from the Nurse!

Week 45 of Darcy's 52 Postcards for 2012 challenge, and The Pendletons are in MONACO :D
The national flower of Monaco is the Carnation(which is the same as last weeks), Fortunately for me, the Principality has a separate floral emblem, the Bellflower aka Campanula Medium.
(design paper by Anna Griffin)
A rather unusual card has arrived at Peartree Cottage this week. It reads;

"Dear Mrs Harrup,
Lord Richard and Lady Ophelia Pendleton
are happy to inform you, of the birth of their son,
Henry Richard Pendleton
November 7th 1895

Mother and child are both well.
Miss Francesca, attending midwife."

The edges of the card(though now worn and faded) are trimmed with gold leaf.

"My darling Ophelia,
We are all overjoyed to hear your fabulous news. I quite understand that you did not have time to write for yourself. Please pass on my thanks to Miss Francesca.
As soon as you are able, you must write me the details of sweet Henry's arrival. How did Sir Richard manage to keep his son "British" ? As I am confident he has.
I have to admit, I was a little anxious when the "bought" postcard arrived. I am so used to looking out for your lovely watercolours.
Much love to you and YOUR family.
Your overjoyed friend, Lillian XXX"

and a quick watercolour sketch by Ophelia of Richard holding his newborn, red-headed son Henry.
...and yes, Miss Francesca did tell her off :D 
Enjoy XXX


  1. Great work my friend, such lovely pieces as always.
    Enjoy the weekend.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  2. How lovely, so involved in this story.
    Jen x

  3. Wonderful, wonderful postcard - I love bellflowers.
    And the baby is here....yay!!
    Can't wait for the next instalment!
    Hugs xx

  4. Ah, the baby finally arrived! Bravo! Great story Gina - love the birth postcard - I find Anna Griffin papers so illusive in north america. Great sketch of new born. xoDonna

    1. You can't get AG papers cos we brits keep buying them all lol

  5. Hurrah! At last a son and heir! Beautiful drawing and a lovely story.

    Janet xx

  6. Yeh, it's a boy! Congrats ;o) I love the watercolor of the little guy ;o) Big Hugs Gina! Great story!

  7. beautiful drawing, lovely postcard. a lovely baby boy.xx

  8. Congratulations to the happy couple. Can't wait to hear what little Henry gets up to. :-) xx

  9. Those flowers are really lovely.

  10. Nurses were way classier back in the days, and they seem to have had fantabulous stationary, too ;-)