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Friday, 16 November 2012

Lady Ophelia left adrift

Week 46 of Darcy's 52 Postcards for 2012, and the country this week is TIBET.
Miss Francesca point blank refused to let Ophelia travel so soon after giving birth, so they have remained in Monaco while Richard is away.
The national flower of the Bhutan Plateaux is the Blue Poppy
"My dearest Lillian,
Richard has gone off to TIBET, to visit with Thubten Gyatso, the new Dahlai Lama. Apparently he is planning to reform the life of the Tibetan people, who have been quite fiercely subjugated by their Chinese neighbours. So Her Majesty has sent Richard to offer our support.
While I am waiting for his return, I will tell you the adventure of Henry's birth. Being in a coastal resort, Richard asked for a British naval ship to dock close by. This was where Henry was born...on board ship...which they tell me counts as British soil!
Unfortunately, the ship's doctor was not practiced in the needs of a birthing woman, and Miss Francesca had to take complete control of the situation. WHICH SHE LOVED! There being no other women on board, she made Richard her assistant. I was next to useless, and almost hysterical with laughter as she ordered him around. "Do that...hold this...!" And when she handed him the slimy bundle that is his son we thought he was going to faint!
Afterwards, Miss Francesca made Richard a cup of tea with brandy in, and told him he had done brilliantly. His face was a little boy that has just pleased his favourite Aunt.
For myself, I found the experience very enjoyable, and am looking forward to providing Henry with many brothers and sisters.
Your very happy friend, Ophelia xxx"

" My darling Ophelia,
How unfortunate that Sir Richard had to leave you so soon, though at least Monaco is a beautiful place to recover your strength.
It is very fortunate indeed that Miss Francesca is with you. She has yet again proven herself worthy of a medal. I too would have been useless to you, having no experience in the matters of childbirth. Tell her I am forever in her debt, and there will always be a place by my fire for her. As for poor Sir Richard, I am sure nothing in his military service prepared him for such an  experience...with the exception of taking orders.
I am less fearful of your travels now they are nearly over. Will you be home for the Christmas celebrations or to see in the New Year?
Stay safe and warm, and kiss Henry for me.
Your ever devoted friend, Lillian xxx"

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Aah, bless! A lovely warm episode.
    Great postcard too.
    Hugs xx

  2. Wonderful drawing, love the flower.

  3. slimy bundle, lol

    great card'age


  4. I am loving this story more and more ;o)

  5. Such a great progression to a story I am, by now, quite addicted to, and will miss all of this when it's over. Beautiful flower, Gina. xoDonna

  6. Beautiful poppy and clever story telling. Love it.
    Jen x

  7. another great read, love your story. I feel that I really know these people. well done.x

  8. Super story and a lovely blue poppy. They grow them up here in my neck of the woods in Scotland.

    Janet xx

  9. Boy did I miss seeing your wonderful botanicals this last few months...