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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Passionate encounter :D

I don't normally do product reviews, but I have to share this cos it's AMAZING!!
Now I am sure a lot of you are going to say "Grief you live in a cave? We already know about this product!", but just in case....
Today I felt an urge to visit Meadowhall shopping centre( I know...on a Saturday  during the run up to Christmas ), but in I went, AND i allowed myself to be propositioned by a very nice young man selling soap products.
I don't use soap......" may I suggest you try this chemicals other than natural dead sea salts?"
So... a nice young man wants to hold my public! Can I say no? Not likely :D 
Now friends often compliment me on my finger nails, and I rarely use product on them, but they are looking a bit dull and ridged....30 seconds using the buffer in this kit and my nail was super glossy and totally smooth, like it had a layer of glossy clear varnish....
I treated myself and bought the one scented with Patchouli/Lavender/Vanilla
I couldn't stop stroking my nail all the way home...
and trying to take photos to show you how incredibly shiny  it is compared to the others...

Hubby, sceptical as ever, insisted on doing a second nail him self..." That's amazing!" is words.
I have washed the pots and scratched my head  and all the other things we try to avoid doing when we have lovely fresh varnish on ...and it is still smooth and shiny!!! It was supposed to be going away for Christmas  but I is keeping it :D ...and I am so impressed I am going back next week to buy a kit each for my mother and MIL.
Enjoy :D
Oh....the company is called Soap & Co



  1. Nice! I used to take care of my nails, but now I just spend my time cutting them off because they get in my way with painting. I kinda miss the long pretty look though!

  2. Cool, Gina! My nails are always a mess - full of paint and other sticky stuff. Great idea and looks like a great product. enjoy. xoDonna

  3. Excellent Gina!! Thanks for sharing!! I will have to look into this ;o)

  4. Thanks for sharing this Gina....I must see if they sell this nails soooo need it!
    Hugs xx

  5. You know, I should probably invest in one of those. Particularly now—I’m doing a lot of cleaning with all the restoration and stuff. Your nails look fantastic. I bet your mom and MIL will be thrilled ;-)

    P.S. I wish I could have seen your hubby’s face!