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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Inspired by Angels

I was recently invited to join in a ritual by a lovely friend who genuinely wanted to send me some love and goodness. I agreed without hesitation as I totally trust this friend, but when the information arrived I noticed it was in the form of a chain letter. I have HUGE issues with chain letters ...but the intent was I used the experience to make a journal page...
And for those of you wondering why a pagan would even consider discourse with an man's Angel is another man's Elemental Spirit...we just choose to see them in one particular form.

Journalling reads:
"I am not yours to command.
Ask what you will of me...
if it is in my power I will oblige...
I always reserve the right to say NO"

Base layer, more gorgeous shiny pearlescent paint ...

sketched in Angel...

blocked in with metallic acrylics....

added detail with black pen and wrote on journalling.
Very shiny page for angelic creation....
Specially liked the effect of gold acrylic smudged over the pearlescent surface :D
And just for the record....I have great respect for all elemental beings, and would never even attempt to bind them in a contract of words, no matter how well intended. I just ask them nicely, and if they don't see my request as being in my best interest I trust them to let me know.
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Oh Gina I'm the same I won't pass anything along with a chain message included, if something comes by my way that I like but has it I pass it on MINUS the chain element, that way I can say nice things without anyone feeling obliged to do anything with it other than read it! Fantastic that you've journalled this!

  2. Love your image...Have a very happy Christmas...xoxo Sioux Thanks for you happiness for me...I still can hardly believe these feelings!!

  3. This is lovely, Gina. The words, the inspiration, the meaning... and her hair reminds me of you ;-)

  4. LOVe your journal page. Beautiful message. Totally in agreement with you about chain letters too. xoDonna

  5. Fabulous my friend, such a great piece and wonderful sentiment.
    Have a wonderful Christmas and a blessed new year.
    Hugs Brenda xox

  6. Beautiful Gina!!! I love the words! Happy Ho Ho and here's to a great New Year ;o)