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Friday, 7 December 2012

Lady Ophelia sucks it up!

 It is week 49 of  Lady Ophelia's Grand tour of the world, and 3 postcards have turned up all at once. Lillian is very relieved to hear from her young friend after so many weeks. Sir Richard had deliberately held back Ophelia's cards, as he thought their tone may have distressed Lillian.

Week 47 JAMAICA...Lignum Vitae(Wood of Life)
"Dearest Lillian,
I am so tired. Maybe spending some time on this energy filled island of sun will pick me up a little.
yours Ophelia xxx"

Week 48 ARGENTINA...Erythrina (Cry Baby Tree)
" Dear Lillian,
Sorry for being such a cry baby...Miss Francesca says it is quite normal for a new mother to experience the emotional stress I seem to be suffering from, especially with all the travelling too.
Ophelia xxx"

Week 49 SWEDEN/Dalsland Province...Forget-me-nots
" My dear friend Lillian,
I am so sorry to have put you through such unforgivable worry. Henry was crying  a lot for the first few weeks, and I was getting rather melancholy.
The crisp clear air of Dalsland seems to have perked me up, and I am feeling more myself again.
Richard doesn't think we shall be home for the Christmas Feasting, but will definitely be back to welcome in the New Year.
So glad I decided to stick with this amazing adventure. What a tale we will have to tell Henry as he grows.
Your devoted friend, Ophelia xxx" 

Lillian is so relieved to read the disjointed chatter of her friend again, and knows all is well.

"Oh my darling Ophelia,
I recieved your last three cards all at once. I was very worried about you, not having heard from you in nearly a month. Marcus tried to reassure me, saying his Lordship would have contacted us if there had been an incident.
You poor love! You must have been so exhausted, but as Miss Francesca said, all sounds perfectly normal under the circumstances. I am rather glad I got all your cards in one bundle, as I would have been distraught at your sad words, so far away and unable to comfort you.
I am so excited about your imminent return....can't wait to hold you and your dear little boy.
Your ever-loving friend, Lillian xxx"

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Loving story line and beautiful representitive flowers, Gina.

  2. Beautiful postcards and a great story. This will make a lovely book.

    Janet xx

  3. Wonderful art work Gina and the story is developing it!
    Hugs xx

  4. I bet Lady Ophelia is all smiles now that she knows she'll have some babysitting help soon. WoooHooo!

  5. I love what you have written.

  6. great postcards. good to see you are up to date. a lovely story, will miss it when we finish.x

  7. Awww! Such a beautiful story you have woven. I am quite hooked. Beautiful flower post cards Gina. xoDonna

  8. So happy Ophelia is doing well ;o)

  9. Oh wow Gina you are nearly there. I so wished I had been able to keep up with this. Love the entry in your journal in your last post, it is gorgeous!!