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Thursday, 13 December 2012

"Red and Green should never be seen!"

This was a phrase my Gran used quite a lot when I was younger. She actually refused to walk with me one day when I turned up wearing a green top and a red headscarf!!! It wasn't until I was much older that I realised the connotation...she was worried people would think me a witch as the 2 colours combine to represent the Lady and her Lord of the greenwood. My Gran could have saved me a lot of time if she had explained this aversion to me...I am a witch...always have been...always will be :D
This is the thought that inspired today's journal page, a homage to the Greenman :D
The base layer is the scrummy wrapping paper from Clare's gift yesterday(can't tell you what was in it as Darcy is saving hers til Christmas day :D)
Next layer is modelling paste...

which I spread out and "textured" with a mesh bag from some oranges(more yuletide linkage)

oooooow...texture(though boring to wait on as it takes ages to dry!!!)

WHEN it dried, I sponged on green and brown acrylic paint...
and forgot to take pics of building up of Greenman image, but here are a couple of close-ups :D

"How can we exist if we don't believe in ourselves"
Spent a lovely if chaotic day with Darcy and Clare yesterday, thank you ladies :D
Enjoy XXX


  1. In Germany it's not red and green, but blue and green.
    Your page looks fantastic love the face, the saying and the texture.

  2. Shall I hide those colours in my studio? ManonX

  3. Such a great piece, Gina - all that texture and the build up of the base. Very imaginative - love your green man. hugs, Donna

  4. Ooh! Lord of the green wood? Love the piece, and the quote :) xoxo Sioux

  5. You are such a bright young lady! I love your quote! I love the painting and thanks for explaining about the red and green. I have never heard of that?

  6. wondrous ;0) love it xx

    My Nana used to say this as well never knew it was connected to being a witch? And Christmas is full of red & green is this more pagan stuff I didn't know about?

    1. And gold and silver, too. So many things we share or have taken from each other. It makes you wonder why some continue to fight so much, for if we look under the skin all we see is blood, flesh, bone and the desire to be happy.

  7. Totally Dawn :D But nothing to worry about :D

  8. A very original work. Greetings.

  9. Ah witchy people and their secrets that only make things really complicated. I know they mean well, but... well, you know.

    I love your green and your red. Witchy ;-)