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Monday, 31 December 2012

Safe as Houses!

One of my promises to myself, is that from now on I will make what I want when I want...and not put off the little things to make way for big things.... little things are important too.
One thing that really bugs me is not being able to find peoples addresses when I want to post them something. I am terrible, I scribble addy's on scraps of paper and on backs of envelopes, and tear off labels from gifts I have received from friends already. I have been promising to make myself a special little book, just for the addy's of arts and crafts buddies, so today I finally did it :D
A quick and simple altered art project, I bought a pack of 3 A6ish ruled books for £1 from The Range...
and printed off a couple of the gorgeous free backgrounds I have access to as a member of the brand new Ning,One Little House, set up by my brilliant arts and crafty friend Jeanette House. The site opens officcially on January 1st(or tomorrow, if you prefer), but Jeanette asked me to have a nosey first(if I can navigate the site any one can lol)
I chose 2 backgrounds that had sympathetic colour schemes(1 by Jeanette and 1 by a lady named Pascale , who is one of the many amazing artists hosting classes via One Little House ning) and cut them ito small panels...
The book makers had glued a ruled page to the inside covers, so I used a dry brush and added a border of a matching colour to improve the appearance of the inside... 
and added a panel of Jeanette's paper.
Before adding Pascale's paper to the outer cover, I mounted the panels on black card to give it a little frame :D
These papers are printed out on cheap copy paper on text/image, and they still look amazing!

Now I know I am shamelessly pimping my friends new Ning, but it does look to me like a very well thought out safe place to Art and gain skills, whilst receiving encouragement and sensible advice.

...and now all I have to do is collect up all my little bits of paper and copy the addy's into my book of friends :D
Enjoy and wishing you all a Blessed  2013 :D XXX 


  1. I'm the same way, Gina. I'm always looking for addresses or asking for them, again. :) This is an awesome address book. Hope it serves you well.:) Happy New Year!

  2. Whoops! I do the same LOL! Lovley book. have a very happy new year :)
    xoxo Sioux

  3. I'm awful about addresses too! Lovely book!

  4. Exquisite composition, you have a fun New Year's Eve.
    I wish you a 2013 full of dreams and hopes fulfilled.

  5. Have to laugh, I do exactly the same with addresses.......and everything else I need to note. Then when I want the info it's a nightmare going through the paper pile.

    A lovely little note book and a very Happy New Year for 2013.

  6. Don't the two papers look lovely together?! And omgosh, I'm utterly hopeless with addresses - scraps of paper and post-its stuck into the back of books, lol... Must take a leaf out of your book. ;) See you in da house. xx

  7. Oh fabulous stuff, the papers go really well with the books!

  8. Gina, fantastic! I think I need to make myself a special book! I have tones of little pieces of paper too, that I can't find! LOL! All the best for 2013!! Many blessings my friend!