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Monday, 7 January 2013

A Little House full of fun :D

I haven't ever joined a paid for class before...but One Little House's "Paint What You See" class just called out to me, and this is the piece I have created from this months class.

I call it "Greek Tragedy"

(8x12 mixed media on 140lb watercolour paper)

I am posting minimal pics as it seems rude to give away the entire process from a paid for class, especially when the person is only charging to cover the costs of the site.
The title comes partly from the list of words I circled in one of the base layers...Knife/blood/kill/natural prey/ecological...I know, too much Vampire tv :D
This is the finished background base after all the layers were applied(yes you can steal it to use if you like, just don't mass print off to sell, that would be rude and bring down a nasty curse :D)
I then turned the piece as instructed til an image showed itself, and pencilled it in...
before over-painting with acrylics and craft paint
The "greek" bit of the title is because while painting(and when complete) it reminded me of the murals painted on ancient plaster walls depicting some huge battle or disaster, with people looking on, their faces frozen in horror and disbelief for all time.
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Wow I am amazed you have never paid for an online class yet. Anyway you don't need to your art is tops! Great to see you support One Little house's Maisy tho. Keep the gorgeous paintings up they are just getting better all the time.

  2. I love it Gina! That background is awesome (I'm only just starting with mixed media)...
    Hugs xx

  3. Sometimes your work simply knocks me on my ass. This piece is one of them - so much more than 'just the surface', you have touched something at soul level and it shows in the face. Great work. xoDonna

  4. Fantastic painting, Gina! Love how you can see shapes in random pattern. :)

  5. Love how you saw the face calling to you ;) It's fab-u-lous!
    xoxo Sioux

  6. I LOVE the name of the painting and your morals, to. It is very decent of you not to give up the class's secrets ;-)

  7. Wow, that's a fabulous project, really a wonderful turn out.

  8. Gina, it's amazing how you see your art, in the background! I think it's so cool! Great creation!!!

  9. Fantastic Gina simply fabulous art!