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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A Piece a Week challenge

Another of my Arting friend's Rita, has set herself a challenge to ART at least once a week, so I and others are joining her at A PIECE A WEEK
Each Tuesday she will be adding a linky tool to her page so we can share whatever we have managed to do that week, even if it's just a couple of rows on a knitting project. Whatever you "art and craft" it is a place to gain a bit of encouragement.
This week I have taken the opportunity to craft a little gift for a blogging buddy SILVIA that I feel I have neglected recently.

I have a couple of little boxes left over from a project I did about 10 years ago(???? feels old)
First I dry-brushed acrylic paint directly onto the wooden surface...
and used what I believe to be her fav colour , and a style of paper I believe she would like to line the inside. 
I used the yellow over the pink on the outside too, which gave the box an aged pine appearance(softer than it looks here)
Then I broke out my new "steampunk stamps" from Do Crafts Chronology collection (and my fav bee stamp), and decorated the outside of the box. Clear stamps are great for this kind of project as they bend around corners :D
The "S" cartouche is cut from the same paperpad as the lining paper(Prima Printery collection)
I then added a very thin coat of gold acrylic to the whole piece,inside and out...
and coated the cartouche with glossy accents
All in all I am very pleased with this little project, and hope she will like it too.
Now I just need to get her snail mail and add it to the book I made earlier this week :D

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Great post!

  2. Very cool! Thanks for letting me know about the piece a week thing, as I was already planning on it - company would be wonderful! :)

  3. Yes, pretty box, you have been wonderful. Greetings.

  4. Wow, Gina... that's really cool... Off to write you a mail :)

    1. I will of course be filling it with little surprises :D

  5. When Jacob saw this, he said, "Shiny and pretty," in a very dreamy voice. I wish I had recorded him, because it is exactly how I feel about your box ;-)

  6. Gina, this is so pretty! What a beautiful gift! I have never seen those boxes so small! I have to hunt some down ;o)