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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Naked in the Garden

Acrylic paint on 5 x 5 recycled box cavas
After working on another large canvas last week, I decided to recycle another mini canvas that the kids had started years ago...
and mashed it up with some bright acrylics through stencils. I am really enjoying this technique as it gives instant depth to your background.

It drew me back to the garden of Eden inspiration of last week, and I spotted a rather timid lady in the undergrowth...
obviously embarrassed by her nudity she is hiding in the shadows.
She seems to be aware that she may have offended someone...
and stares out, awaiting her fate.
Adding the white dots pushed her further into the background, but I am not the one she I gave her a little gold, as befits any lady brave enough to scramble in the bushes naked :D

(tilted to show shimmer)
This is my "Piece a Week" for Rita's challenge :D
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. She looks like a 1940's lady with her curled hair. A Lady Chatterley type maybe, hiding in the bushes hoping no-one catches her with her lover. She looks worried to me. Don't you just love how everyone looks at the same thing but sees it differently. :-) xx

  2. Her lips are glorious, and so are her eyes! I wonder what she's looking at... maybe at a lucky person who gets to enjoy a sight of her garden ;-)

  3. Very cool and very different. I like her. Hope she gets over her fear though. Love the detail. xodonna

  4. Fabulous work as always Gina and gorgeous colour in the work!

  5. Hey Gina: great looking artwork.
    I'm stopping by to let you know that Celebrate Oz will be March 15th this year and to give you the link to sign up.
    Hope you'll have time to join us again this year. Oma Linda

  6. Wow, that rocks - love the canvas.

  7. I love the shimmer of the painting! Stunning Gina!

  8. sharing a news :-