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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Year of the Rabbit...

I really struggled to get a clear picture of this fidgety little bunny :D Spring is in the air, and she just wants to jump and dance :D
For my "A Piece a Week" entry, I got round to re-cycling a Chinese Take-away calender I'd saved :D
It took a coating of gesso quite happily...
and Celtic stencils seemed some how appropriate for this project, which I then covered with a thin layer of cerulean blue.
 I was born in the year of the March...and have a tattoo of a spiral Hare on my the image chose itself :D
I outlined the stylised dancing Rabbit and knocked back the background with another thin coat of white gesso.
Spring green leaves seemed suitable for the background...
a,d a carpet of white flowers to dance upon...
I used a Martha Stewart stencil for the flowers, before defining their shape with a black pen.
I then used black paint to "throw the figure forward, while adding gold to the leaves and flower centres.
The shimmer of the gold and the "slatted" surface made photographing difficult, and the colour of the finished piece is much richer than it appears here.
Why not get yourself one of these calenders and decorate it with your designated animal?
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Beautiful, and I love the spiral on her hip. No hip problems for her, she'll always have a spring in her step. All the layers make this so lovely - I wish I could create such good backgrounds - but I'll keep trying.

  2. She does look very happy and in love with life, not to mention unable to stand still because she is obviously celebrating spring. Great process, Gina. The layers give the piece so much depth. Beautiful. xoDonna

  3. Beautiful, happy rabbit! She looks as if she might dance right off the page! I love the springtime colors and all the layering you've done. Great idea to use the Chinese calendar.

  4. The texture might have made it difficult but I think it added depth and your Bunny makes a very happy piece of art.

  5. Love your rabbit and all the embellishments you used to transform her into a quite spectacular piece of art! Wonderful!

  6. Your dancing rabbit is adorable! I love it! My mom was born in the year of the rabbit too ;o)

  7. She is sooooo pretty and lively! Wonderful work Gina!
    Hugs xx

  8. Oh that's fantastic what an amazing piece of upcycling Gina!

  9. How cool, that's a fabulous idea - looks wonderful.

  10. Great design! I love all those curves and patterns.

  11. I really love this and the serpent you did a while ago I really likey like Dxx

  12. Wow this is gorgeous! Thanks for taking us through how you created the layers. The finished effect is beautiful.

    Kat :-)

  13. Very unique-it's great to see your steps. It's often so hard to know what goes into an image when looking at a computer. I love the colors and patterns you used!