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Friday, 8 February 2013

Ever have one of those days.....

So today I decided to work from Class 2 of "Paint what you see" from OHL ning, by Jeanette House.
This involved stamps and acrylic paint. Many people have suggested using bottle tops to stamp circles with, and I had a "meatball" tray which held possibilities :D
I made a smooshie acrylic paint base layer, over my usual textured gesso layer...
and went nuts with the stamping lol
I am not good at doing "free-flowing lines" (I end up drawing), so I dipped a piece of thread into black paint and just let it fall onto the page randomly...
and this is the finished background I ended up with :D
So now to "Paint what I saw"
I call her "Startled Cow"
She makes me smile like a loon.....she reminds me of those horrifyingly funny moments when you wake up suddenly and don't feel the right way up :D
(or am I the only one who gets those?)
She is my entry for this weeks A Piece a Week for Rita.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. She's indeed loverly. If it's 'paint what you see', did you look out the window and see her? She makes me smile - that's a good thing. Love what you did for the background. xoDonna

  2. Gorgeous! I love how she emerged from the background. :)

  3. Ha-ha! She's so cute - I love her!

  4. hahaha!! I have those wake-up moments sometimes, though more often I open my eyes and am not sure if it's still today or tomorrow yet! Love your Startled Cow. xx

  5. Gina, I am laughing and smiling!! She is so precious!!! I know what you mean, when you wake up suddenly! LOL! I think I look like her too! LOL! Big Hugs and thanks for being you ;o)

  6. She is such a lovely cow! I LOVE her eye, and how her tail can double as a broom :-D

  7. LOL, I love the humor in that! And I totally have those days... repeatedly!

  8. I lover your work, congratulations, you are a great artist. Besos desde España.


  9. Your layers produced such a rich background. Lovely cow, a real nice 'old moo'. Great the way she jumped out at you from the string abstract line. A great, humourous

  10. I saw the startled cow too, i love the way you pulled her out!

  11. :D So cool, I really LOVE your startled cow :)