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Friday, 1 February 2013

Made myself an art journal :D

During last month I made myself an art journal, and decorated the cover with shiny painted aligning planets :D
The shiny makes it hard to scan, so here is a close up to show how strong the colours really are...
I watched a few vids on youtube about decorating blank pages so that you have a starting point when you decide to use your this is what I did yesterday(and yes there are a lot of 3 folded pages :D)

(Watersoluble crayon/acrylic paint stamped on with bottom of my barrel pencil sharpener+ thick coat od white gesso)

(acrylic paint dripped on and spread with a sponge + white gesso rubbed down with baby wipe)

(inktense pencil scribbles worked over with wet brush/acrylic paint rubbed on with fingers + thin coat of white gesso) 

(drips of acrylic paint spread with sponge roller + thick layer of white gesso/textured with paper towel)

(acrylic paint stamped on with plastic box/ black acrylic dry-brushed to form grid + thin coat of white gesso)

(water soluble crayons spread with wet brush + coat of white gesso rubbed down with baby wipe)

(acrylic paint dry brushed on + thin layer of white gesso)

(inktense pencil doodles worked over with wet brush + thin layer of white gesso)

(soluble crayons with very wet brush + thick layer of white gesso)

ooooowwwwww...pretty colours!!!

I added a coat of gesso to all the pages so that anything I use over them will stick easily, as shiny acrylic is hard to write over, and soluble wax crayons will re activate if you want to paint over them :D
Hope you like :D
I think I am going to use this journal for Simona's Free ChakraART workshop, starting on March 4th. This sounds like a wonderfully spiritual workshop, it only lasts for 7 weeks...and it's FREE
Rather than work through the pages in order, I will choose which page "feels" right for each Chaka :D
So excited :D 

Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Oooooh! I love, love, love your journal! Hey - I'm taking Simona's workshop, too. See you there :)

  2. You always bring colors, shapes and ideas to life, my dear Gina. I wish I could tough these textures. For now I will be happy with feasting with my eyes ;-)

  3. Ooh! Yes very pretty colours ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  4. Oh the colours of that journal are simply gorgeous will check out the free class too!

  5. Wow you have been busy, lots of lovely colour.
    Have a great weekend.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  6. You had fun didn't you! Great job and many hours of fun and inspiration to come as you fill it up. I adore journals ... and making them. So satisfying. xoDonna

  7. Gina, this is so bright and happy! Now, I am thinking I should do something like this for the workshop!!!

  8. It all looks wonderful and thanks for the tip about the FREE works shop yesterday I am all signed up I think I will have a new journal as well for this ;0)

  9. Love your blog!! It is beautiful!! So is your work! Seems like some already have ideas for the work shop, guess I better do some thinking on what I should work on. All I had in mind was painting.