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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Spring of eternal love...

This is my entry for A Piece a Week...a commission piece with very specific instructions...

"Can you do one for Vicky's mum? A couple like the black and white one you did us, but in blues and greens....with that shimmery stuff...and square not rectangle...and no black. She mentioned turquoise...and jade."

When my son showed his girlfriend's mum the painting I did them for Valentines, she asked if I would paint one for her. I have to say I am very is one thing for his girlfriend to like my style, but a prospective mum-in-law!!!! They don't do "sucking- up" lol, so she must really like it :D

I call this "Spring of eternal love" (it is much greener than it looks here, think Jade and Turquoise and Viridian green)

The thing is, I like to use something personal to the recipient in the base layer, so it is literally "their" artwork. But I don't know anything about this I used the "drop sheets" from when I was painting for their daughter, and added turquoise and yellow hand prints...
and I could see the couple straight away :D
then it was just a matter of building up the layers...
Love this section :D
The background figure is actually a rich deep turquoise, while the front figure is soft cerulean blue, but my camera insists they both look the same :S...and the background has smudges of iridescent medium that makes it glow and shimmer. It is going on a magnolia wall, so the colours will really zing!
And I know your going to shout at me, but I only charged for the canvas and times are getting hard here, and I still want to spread some love :D
Enjoy :D XXX 



  1. They must be absolutely thrilled and how exciting they wanted one too. I think it's lovely you just charged for materials if times are tough. We pay it forward when we can, right? Have a great day, Gina. xoDonna

  2. This is fabulous, and what a lovely thought that your paintings are wanted so much. It's strange how sometimes a small piece of a painting 'jumps out' as a particular part we are pleased with. In the small area you selected I can see the shimmer.
    If giving our paintings away makes us happy and them happy, how can money replace that as long as we can afford it.
    You are such a generous person, and your lovely artwork always gives me pleasure.

  3. Amazing how those layers really take shape. Love the color combination in the finished artwork, very pretty together. hugs, Kimberly

  4. Gina, you have a good soul ;o) The painting is amazing!! I know it will be treasured!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing this process with us Gina, its fascinating to see how you work my friend
    Hugs June x