Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Failing with class!

I know...I said I was going to spend 7 weeks working on this panel...but 10 days is still pretty patient for me, and I'm worried about over working this and losing the "freeness" of it all. So for now I am calling it done.

May I present my Chakra Panel "Full Bloom"

This is for me...and therefore quite a spiritual piece, so I started with the collage of the beautiful outdoors...
followed by a layer of smooshiness in the colours of the stencils or stamps, just fingers and brushes :D
Then I found myself in the chaos of energy...
2 words were still visible from the collage layer "greener future", so my spirit was painted green, and the 7 chakra points we are learning to balance with Simona were added.
But it felt a bit flat, so I decided to build up the chakra points using tissue of the relevant colours and gloss medium...
until they felt more of a focus in the piece.
Now to add more definition to the background...
and then I just had to add string spirals to the chakra centres
to give the feeling of the swirling energy, and then I painted them to match.
As I built up the detailing in the background I realised I had actually incorporated the 4 elements without realising.
 Fire was spouting from the centre of a flower...
Water was spraying from another...
Earth was watching from the undergrowth...
and Air was cooling my brow from behind the flowers.
All I need now is to find the perfect stone/crystal to attach at the chakra of spirituality(the purple one on the brow) and I will be complete :D
And if you look closely you will see that all around me amongst the flowers are many spirits of nature, guiding and protecting me through my existence
I am entering this panel as my Piece a Week, especially as it is the reason I nearly missed last weeks post :D
And I would also like to give a mention to Natasha White who's chakra piece inspired me to make one of my own :D
Blessed Be :D XXX



  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing the process to your finished piece of art ;) It's so full of special things to you I can see.
    xoxo Sioux

  2. Wow that is fabulous Gina, I love how positive the base is and the colours are awesome!

  3. This is simply amazing, Gina. :))

  4. Oh Gina, this piece is so is absolutel powerful with all the chakraenergie and all the nature sourrounds you!! I love the swirls in each chakra!

  5. Gina this is beautiful and so inspiring! I love it! And, I will be doing one for myself! Thank you for showing the process in which you made it ;o)

  6. I am soooo impressed, Gina. So much detail and so much meaning. It is truly a spiritual treasure. Your well runs deep my friend. You are a very special old soul. hugs, Donna

  7. Wow! This piece has left me speechless....what a journey you took me on...and I still feel like I missed so many of the details...

  8. Absolutely beautiful! I'm just learning how to work in mixed media, and this is such an inspiration; I love it!

  9. Oh my gosh! Wow. This is spectacular!! Beautiful work.

  10. An amazing piece, and it clearly achieved its purpose in taking you further on your personal journey, as well as being a developing process. I loved seeing the process and the final mystical image.

  11. I'm back again and now I'm catching up... you've been very creative the last few days, wonderful pieces to see. I especially love this one.

  12. Beautiful and inspiring! Thank you for sharing. I will be watching this space :-)