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Monday, 11 March 2013

Shocking revelations......!

As you know I am working on an art journal covering Simona's ChakrART workshop, and into the second week I have to warn you this course is not a wishy washy walk in the park. It makes you think really honestly about your self.
This week we are studying the second Chakra...Svandhishtana...the chakra of pleasure and sexuality and FUN.
Well I was totally confident how this was going to go, as this is the chakra I knew was unbalanced(being the region of my surgical adventures). It was obviously this that had caused the imbalance and was quashing my "smiley muscle"....but boy was I wrong!

as I looked at the base page I was to use I kept thinking " orange AT ALL on here. Just looks like a load of fireworks"......BAM!!! right between the eyes!!!
I realised I had been resenting my hubby's ability to still enjoy sexual gratification, while I was physically now deprived of that least to the extent we used too. But it isn't because of isn't his fault..there is no blame on his part.....I have chosen to focus on the fireworks and not the love.
Then I picked up a piece of scrap paper to use as a page protector...and these are the words that jumped out at me...can we say "Bitch-slapped by Karma!"
So I will drag myself out of my self-pity.
I have the "relevant skills, knowledge and experience"!!!
I used to dance and sing and dye my hair orange all the time...just because I could...
...and wear black eyeliner and glittery lipstick when I went clubbing...
(the teeny writing says " I have been spending far too much time inside my own head. I need to get out more!")
So I've put on a bit of extra I've been a bit what? I liked dancing and I liked singing and I liked sex!
And I AM going to like them again!!!!

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Yay for you for rediscovering your fun self! Now go out and have some fun :D

  2. Good for you, Gina. This is no easy task, believe me, I know. I'm afraid to even go near the study of the second chakra - but I will. Just keep moving forward! Baby steps will do fine. hugs, Donna

  3. Of course you will! ;) I'm hoping I will too some day in the not too distant future! LOL
    How spooky though....I used to fancy my music teacher at school (well we all did) who was called....wait for it....Patrick Morley!!!! ROFL
    xoxo Sioux

  4. I think this is a brave, honest post. So inspiring to others to share their truths. Sometimes those realisations hit us right between the eyes!

    Love the page, but I love more what it represents.

    Go you I say. Shake your sexy thang! (Said as though I was down with it, and not the lame-o my son thinks I am at the moment.

    I will be up to week 2 later in the week, I am a little nervous now!

  5. I admire your courage and honesty!

  6. This is a real wow post, such an honest investigation of yourself, and the course is clearly shaking you up and doing you good already. Life does hit us where we least want it, and you are so brave and determined that you will come out the other side.

    But you know, the strange thing is that since I 'met' you I have always seen you as a bright, fun-loving and caring person. Good camouflage, Gina, and I hope everything keeps improving.

    1. Wasn't until I started this that I realised I never sing any more...used to sing to my garden every day...and my kids lullabies when they were young :D

  7. Good for you Gina! Isn't it amazing, when you really start to think about things, how everything seems to jump out at you! Thank you for your honesty in everything you are writing! I told Simo, I probably won't be doing this till the summer, but I am really anxious to see what I see! Big Hugs!

  8. Gina that was an amazingly honest and heartfelt post. I've just had a long bath after coming home from work due to stress and taken the copy of the 2nd weeks blog post with me to consider, I've been utterly amazed at how much mental processing I'm doing as a result of this course! Absolutely liberating! Your page is utterly gorgeous!

    1. I have to say I too have been surprised by the thought processes these classes are provoking. I always thought I was totally honest with myself, guess I was wrong lol

  9. gracias Gina, tus reflexiones y honestidad en esto me han ayudado mucho en esto. Mi página sigue en proceso...
    tu obra es muy hermosa.