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Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Random, Mayhem and Chaos...

3 words close to my heart during any school break, as they totally describe the world around me...but wouldn't life be boring without them :D
As I said in my last post , sorry for not being around much lately, but I have been I thought I'd do a quick catch up(still not sure if there is other stuff I haven't blogged yet :/ )
My bosom buddy asked if I could help a bit with a local theatre group a couple of weeks ago, painting scenery and stuff...they rent backdrops, but wanted a few bit's and pieces for extra decor.
This is "The Duchess" 20x 30 on hardboard(I know it looks a bit stark, but it is a cameo appearance piece and has to be seen in the back rows)

Family coat of arms + motto x 2 . Cut from thick grey board 20x20 ish (instructions...paint what you think best!!! So being wary of copyright I just made one up, though the motto is specific to the play)

while waiting for paint to dry (as you do) I decided to print off some of my own art as little business cards...but the printer didn't want I painted straight onto the die cut cards instead...

cut some tiny make-up sponges to make little stamps...

popped the cards out when dry...

doodled around stamped images...

used white Poska paint pen to add a little more detail and finished with a layer of iridescent acrylic :D
(already lost them amongst the chaos which is my craft room at the moment)

so I made some postcard ones too :D

And finally for now, the painting which I actually "sold" last week to a lovely lady who has ordered a larger piece (get me!...)

"Petals at Dawn"

named from a song lyric by Lorreena McKinnet "Prayers rose, softly, petals at dawn..."
As it is Tuesday already!!! I should be entering one of these for Rita's "A Piece a Week" challenge, and as she was the latest to be worked on I will choose "The Duchess" :D
Happy Holidays(again) :D XXX


  1. Lovely work all of it...The Duchess is very striking and great coat of arms!
    Cool business cards too...very vibrant.
    My favourite is "Petals at Dawn. xx
    Hugs xx

  2. Wow! working on the theater scenery sounds so exciting. :) Love what you've done!

  3. Randomly magnificent! It sounds like you are having a world of fun, so by all means stay away from your cyber-home for a bit.

    And how the hell do you manage to put expressions on something without a face? I swear "Petals at Dawn" looks deep in thought!

  4. Gina, you busy girl! Thanks for sharing all your goodies! I agree with Magaly, Petals At Dawn, looks deep in thought! I think I should get you to make me some business cards! LOL! Thanks for coming by my blog ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  5. Backdrops are always fun, mostly because of the people involved and you've done a wonderful job. Congrats on selling a painting YEAH! Love your idea for business cards. xodonna

  6. You've been really creative. Fabulous pieces.