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Saturday, 3 August 2013

..and sometimes the page chooses itself :D

Dawn's prompt at Journal Journeys this month is "What Summer means to you"
Quite simple in my means Butterflies :D

I went to my small desk diary journal, which I use to wipe any excess paint in, and found this page...
 Can we see Butterfly!!!!
 Quick Sharpie outline....
 sponged green paint around the outline, then added a thin layer of gesso to the butterfly itself...
 More Sharpie(black marker) detail + peacock stamp in wing segments.
Then I wanted to add a layer of tissue paper....but it didn't fade out and obliterated the lower layers :/
 Fortunately the outline showed through enough to redraw...
 and I used thin washes of acrylic paint to build up the image. I was trying to keep the butterfly light and fragile looking.
 I re stamped the peacocks, and added green back into the background...
The journalling was added around the outer edges with souffle pen
it reads;
I love Summertime , because it brings magic. Proof of the magic in nature is Butterflies. How can something so fragile survive in our weather? And bring smiles to our faces just by existing? "
This is also my entry for today's Paper Saturdays link up
:D Enjoy XXX


  1. Really great to see some of your creative process!
    Butterflies have returned to our Virginia garden this year and we are so enjoying them...for a couple of years we did not see as many.
    Your pages are fabulous
    Happy Summer!

  2. It is so good watching through your creative process and seeing the final image develop. I would probably have given up after putting the tissue paper on and obscuring it - what patience you have.
    The hearts combined with the main image say 'I love butterflies', and your journalling gives it all an impression of fragility combined with strength - something we all need.

  3. love butterflies... love this.

    ok. here's what i learn from you... the more mistakes i make, the better i can make something out of them. yeah, like i'm gonna do that!!! i'll leave the good stuff to you! this is gorgeous!

    hugs :)

  4. The end result is beautiful.... but it was scary how all the other layers went hiding after the tissue!
    Right now I have a bunch of orange butterflies by he passion fruit vine, there are always like 6 or more, so cute.

  5. What a coup, Gina. Colours are simply perfect and adore the addition of the hearts - perfect page to find. xoDonna

  6. Beautiful Gina! I love everything ;o)

  7. It's beautiful, Gina.. I love how you show the process and how it looks so beautiful and full of love from the beginning to the end.

  8. "I'm a Butterfly" from south park my son is always saying this lately. I love the tissue paper although like you I would have expected it to be more see through. You made it work though and I am so Happy you have joined in again with Journal Journeys Dxx

  9. I love the way your eyes see things. What a wonderful summer vision. I LOVE her wings ;-D

  10. Happy belated paper Saturdays from sunny Spain. Gina those hearts would make wonderful wrapping paper. I love the look of them and the butterfly too! Manonxx