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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

OMG...MIA...having fun :D

I haven't been blogging much as most of the things I was making were presents for friends I was visiting this last weekend...
 2 finished, hand stitched and beaded shopping bags...
 a Birthday card for the Wonky Broomstick shop.....
 2 wonky bag charms......
home made wrapping paper(will blog later)
 all bundled up and ready to party :D.....
"But wait!" I hear you cry"what about a party hat???"
Mabel to the rescue....
and she made me my very own wonky broomstick too :D
Quick 100mile detour to call in on my lovely friend Jeanette (yes she is nearly as crazy as me)
and then on to Glastonbury.....(didn't have time to go up the Tor so will have to go back...:D)
where I met some lovely new friends....just like me :D

So normal service should be resumed soon blogwise.
Love you all, Blessed Be.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Great photos! That beautiful designs, wonderful costumes for the party, I really like!

  2. Wow, how creative you've been. I love the party hat.

  3. What a fun post. LOVE the bags - and everything you have made. Glastonbury - lucky duck. Haven't been there since I lived in Europe - however a very special place indeed with incredible energy. Hope you absorbed some. :o) xodonna

  4. Gina!! So many beautiful treasures and so many great pictures! I love the photos! Great friends, great smiles ;o) Big hugs ;o)