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Friday, 16 August 2013

Wrapping paper...

Making presents for people is so much fun...but when it comes to wrapping them it is sometime difficult to find an appropriate paperso I decided to make my own.

For the base paper, I used a paper tablecloth. This pack of four was from Poundland...that means I can make 4 large sheets !!!! I bought white, but they do come in other block colours :D
 each sheet is bigger than my desk top....
 (forgot to rotate pics)
 The easiest way to begin decorating is to just select a few colours and press the pads gently onto the paper...(I saw Darcy do this not so long ago)
 until you have covered the desired area.
 Next I chose a wooden stamp that looked like carved leaves, and stamped that into each square.
 before over stamping the whole piece with a Celtic knotted 5 pointed star from The Stamp Man, Aspects of Design collection(though I think it may be discontinued)
and now I have a simple , but personal paper to wrap my witchy gifts in :D, and enter into Manon's Paper Saturday Challenge :D

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Thanks for the inspiration Gina, how clever to get the paper tablecloths, such a great idea.
    hugs (brenda) x0x

  2. Now I'm scared to send you the packaged I wrapped. My paper totally sucks :-(

  3. This is fantastic!! Love in everything you create!!!

  4. I love this idea of the paper table clothes turning into wrapping paper. Thank you so much for this tip!! I am forever walking round the cheap shops to find things to alter and now I am off to poundland to get some more supplies and the table clothes will be in my basket. Manonxxx

  5. Gina, I mentioned you and Audrey on my blog post for my beautiful face ;o) Thanks again! I truly love her!

  6. I shall be having a look in my pound shop for some of these table cloths. I have often made my own gift wrap but only for smaller items and this is a great way to extend my gift wrap repertoire. Great wrapping paper Gina Dxx