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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Sometimes I even scare myself!!!

For my next batch of "29 Faces for September" I decided (along with a group of other artists) to try a self portrait.....SCARY!!!!!
I had to take the only mirror I have off the bedroom wall and place it on my work desk lol. I was going to use photos, but I do like a challenge :D
Add to that mix "only doing 10min biro sketches and oil pastels (without an under sketch) and you have to ask yourselves...."what kind of masochist is this woman!!!??" 
 Face no.12 (piggy eyes)
 Face no.13 (sunglasses)
Face no.14 (hubby wanted to know why I'd given myself a moustache)
Face no.15 (looks about 90)

To take a break from drawing faces I then decided today I would get some cards made. I usually start with a blank card and no idea where I am going, but I wanted to make a good batch(32 cards in total). This is when pre-printed kits come into their own.
 I had bought a set of 32 printed Beatrix Potter cards(cos I loves anything BP). The artwork is soooo gorgeous I didn't want to put anything on it, but then they wouldn't be handmade cards to sell would they.
 I also recently purchased a whole 12x12 book of die-cut frames from Create and Craft, and a sentiment die by Tonic.
The frames are mirror card, but plain, so I put them through my embossing machine to "fancify" them :D
I also have BP CDs from Crafter's Companion, and used those to print out matching inserts for each card.
I used a mixture of sentiments cut from glitter card and peel-off stickers I have had FOREVER.
I love the clean and simple effect, a total change from my usual style of mating and layering. I used to think using pre printed card bases was a bit of a cheat, but I grew up and got over myself. Who wouldn't want to play with such fantastic images????
So now I have 16 6x6 and 16 A5 cards ready to sell on my craft stall....
and for Manon's Paper Saturdays Challenge lol

Enjoy :D XXX

P.S.    I did not pay the prices you will see in the links, I buy stuff randomly through the year when I see them on sale lol (hence the room full of stash)


  1. Ha, ha...I too have lots of stash for the same reason!!
    I love your cards...the illustrations for BP's characters are why re-invent the wheel?
    I need to send hubby up into the attic..last year I found a somewhat battered Molly Bloom Christmas kit in a newsagent's...too late to use last year but I knew it would come in handy!
    Hugs xx

  2. I LOVE number 14. You look like someone just asked you to do something really horrible, and you are considering to bite his or her head off. I hope the question didn't have to do with a mustache lol

  3. You are too hard on yourself, your eyes don't look piggy and I think No 14 is great, even if the shading did go further than you wanted. No 15 is lovely, I don't know if it looks like you but she looks a kind and gentle person, which I know you are. Your colouring is beautifully done - is it with pastels?
    I'll look back over your previous ones in a bit. Sorry I haven't been visiting, it's been a difficult time with lots of medicals, and I didn't get round to commenting anywhere much for a while. Anyway, I've at least found time to add you and others to my blog list which makes it easier.

    1. fabulous drawings, but to me... that's not you at all!!! it's way too serious and i know you better! your cards, as always are fantastic!

      hugs :)

    2. Aaaw Jez. Thank you. Take care of yourself sweetheart <3

    3. Lol Stef...have you tried doing a self portrait yet? It is so difficult to smile and concentrate at the same time :D

  4. I had to laugh as only recently I tried this myself. Your drawing is much better than I could ever do! I found it very hard to draw without wearing my glasses and I knew that drawing glasses was way beyond me. My effort looked akin to Boris Karloff and far too scary for publication. I vainly thought I wasn't so ugly but I guess I was wrong! Your colouring is excellent and I have a great deal to learn.
    Janet xx

    1. Lol Janet...if you have to use your glasses try working from a photo instead. You have a lovely smile :D

  5. You've been very busy - great portraits.

  6. I love your faces! You are so creative! You should have did one with you smiling! You have a great smile!
    Your cards are amazing!!! They will sell fast!
    (So happy you got your stone! Will e-mail soon!)

  7. lol--yes, I have that same room full of stash!! But what better way to get it, right?

    Your self portraits are very fine, I can't draw a portrait for anything, so I admire those of you who can.


  8. You have so many talents Gina! Do you ever sell any of your art work? Happy belated Paper Saturdays! ManonX