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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Guess what......

It's that time of year again folks...
when I let my darkside have free reign...
summoned by the wickedest of my witchy friends

This year's theme is "So Good So Dark"
I usually end up making some kind of Skully or creepy doll, so here is a quick glimpse at my work in progress...(yes his eyes are flickering with inner demonic light) mwahahahahaha.....

Magaly's writing often inspires me to paint images on the darkside of emotions, and she has asked me if I would mind her using 2 pieces as Giveaways for her party this year.

The first is "Dark Mangoes", inspired by her AlmaMia stories
It is a small(5 x 7 inch) but lusciously textured stretch canvas, with deep/dark/brooding colours(much richer than seen here)

The second is a new piece(9 x 12 inch) inspired by her short story "Bloooming Howls"
"Her neighbours chainsaw roared. The bushes’ howls reached the witch’s ears."
(again the colours are much richer, but the light here has been terrible lately)
I'm not sure how or when Magaly will be adding them to her Party list, but when the  winners have been chosen I will post them direct.
I look forward to "entertaining" you further with my creepy creations through out the celebration.
Sleep well...mwahahahahaha.....:D


  1. Oh Gina ! ! As always your work is amazing, But I want "Dark Mangoes', it is magnificent.

  2. Fabulous "dark" work, it's your season, indeed.

  3. Hi Gina! Thanks for a fun post and for sharing your work! I hope you stop by and enter the giveaway on my blog! Nice to visit you again!

  4. Oh Gina,where the Blooming Howls 2 of the wonderful expressions I loved so much from your 29 faces! This is fantastic so fraught with anguish I can almost hear them! I love your oh so juicy & yummy texture on Dark Mangoes too, it's brilliant your creative response to Magaly's words just enhances the experience two fold - I'll make sure I try extra hard to win your canvases at giveaway time :) LOVE 'EM!

  5. Gina....I love your artwork. I especially like the Blooming Howls. These pieces are perfect for Ms. Magaly's All Hallow's Grim.
    I hope you will come by and read my entry:
    Oma Linda

  6. Oh wow your art work is wonderful. I love the rich texturing on Dark Mangoes.

    J x

  7. Winners???? Winners??? I can win some of your amazing art work!! Yepeeeeeee ;o) Your art, Magaly's stories, what an amazing combination! Big hugs and sloppy kisses ;o)

    1. They will both be attached to giveaways coming up at Pagan Culture. So yes!!! Yes!!! ;-D

  8. Hot damn, I almost want to take it back just so I can keep the "Dark Mangoes." Does that make me a horrible person? I hope not because I mean it LOL. I feel such a joy seeing the things your brush brings to life out of my stories. I can't wait to see what else will happen in the future... *wink, wink*

  9. Oh, Gina I love both of the offerings. The screams of anguish in Blooming Howls are really unnerving, and almost audible.

  10. What Fun your blog is! I am following now! And will visit and enjoy all that you have! Thank you for visiting Puddleduck Grange! I loved having you visit Me! xoDebi