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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Flight of fancy...

During yet another "fly by" blog assault last week I saw a fabulous project on my friend Rita's blog.
A lady/artist in Canada is collecting feathers(made ones lol) to add to a collaborative project she is working on
Well you know I can't resist joining in :D, so here are 2 feathers I have made to send her.

Following her suggestion, I used a real feather to get my outline and cut a thin card template...

 I used the template to draw and cut out 2 feathers from slightly thicker greyboard...
 added a thin coat of white gesso, and stated "blobbing" (yes that is a technical term) small ammounts of acrylic paint on them. 
 And "smooshing"...I like "smooshing"...
 before adding a little definition with a black inktense pencil.
 Next I applied a thin green glaze to the main background, and some rich yellow to the tips.
 Couldn't resist a thin sheen of gold metallic...
 so the feathers will shimmer as they move.
 The quill part is highlighted with white acrylic topped with clear iridescent medium. 
After adding ribbons (as requested), I couldn't send them in a boring envelope, so I used some of the left over paint and a PaperArtsy mini feather stamp to add a bit of glamour :D

If you want to help, Avoxtar needs the feathers in by 27th of this month.
I am using theses feathers for Paper Saturdays Challenge, and (since she started me off) Rita's A Piece a Week challenge
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. They are gorgeous!!! Thank you so much for being a part of our wonderful adventure! Big hugs and warm thanks to you, Gina!

  2. They are so authentic! One would adorn your hat beautifully! Brillant idea and excellent Art! xoDebi

  3. Okay now Im sharing what few "feathers" I have left! For the children .....then absolutely! No domestic duties today! Yeah! Thank you for sharing kind heartxo

  4. Gina these are wonderful. What a great project. I love the colors you chose. Oma Linda

  5. Love your feather. I've also sent 2 feathers for the project. I can't wait to see it come alive. Have you seen the other feathers? They are on her blog and facebook page.

  6. Gorgeous, the feathers are wonderful.

  7. Cool project, Gina!! Those feathers are soooo amazing!

  8. Blobbing and smooshing! You are so cute ;o) The feathers turned out amazing!

  9. Oh completely love! Thanks for the share. Kim

  10. Sounds like an interesting idea. I like the way your feathers came out. The colors are really beautiful.