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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Journal Junky

Today was lesson 04 in the Soul Food kitchen...making a journal with Grace Howes. Her idea was to make a journal to record her personal journey through the Soul Food art course.
I am happy to share a little of mine with you :D

I have made many journals before, so sharing more pics doesn't bother me this time.
I made 4 signatures, and pre cut a piece of watercolour paper to use as a cover(300gsm for the cover cos I like slapping on the paint) The pages are a mixture of surfaces and weights.

As I was just mashing paint, I used these small tubes of cheap acrylic(£2.99).

Personalising the cover by starting with a layer of things I want to gain from doing this course(and life generally)...
It may read a bit "dark", but it is about "firing up" my passion for life again.

 Next layer...stencils of course lol...and btw I won some more this week!!! Lovely new whimsy designs by Tam at Artistcellar. Will share when they arrive(figuratively speaking), but for now you can get a look at them here on Guada's blog

Random stencilling with sponges and paint...

then smashing that paint!!!!!
I know it looks a bit muddy here(colours are much more vibrant in real life), but I wanted to represent the "earthier" side of my nature.

I stitched the signatures in using different coloured threads, to add a bit of joy :D

and the inside covers are neutral but bright. The skulls represent mortality.

Now to add more personal stuff!!!
Rather than just a snapshot (smiley face etc) I chose to use some photos of my tattoos. Using "My Craft Studio" graphics programme, I altered the photos to look like stone carvings(tattoos are permanent after all so choose carefully)... 

I glued the images to the cover and "worked" round them with inktense pencils and ink pens.

I love the effect of this spiral hare on the back cover!!!

then it was just a matter of adding a piece of chenille ribbon to use as a closer.
Enjoy :D XXX 


  1. I love seeing your process. And I adore what you did with your tatoos. I never would have thought to make them look like stone but it is so clever and so strong. Thanks for sharing. I'm looking forward to more of the stencils.....keep making art. Oma Linda

  2. Everyday you amaze me! Frisky , tattooed , proper, Duchess, to be sure! We both were flinging the paint today! ( that saved lives in my world!). Excellent art once again! xoxoDebi

  3. I just watched a batch of Soul Food videos, and really must clean a space today to START, totally love what you have been creating Gina, you are the best ad they could have with these fabulous results! OK, keep inspiring me, I may actually start DOING not just watching ;)

  4. Beautiful journal Gina! I keep saying to myself "I would really like to start journaling again, but I just don't have time." You have inspired me to MAKE time for something just for me. Beautiful my dear, just beautiful.

  5. Your tattoos are so cool and I love seeing them in "stone"! Gina, I love your blog! I love your art!!! You are inspiring!! Big Hugs ;o)

  6. Awesome! I always enjoy seeing your process. :)

  7. Such a great job, Gina!!! Love that hare! :)

  8. LOVE what you have done. Must have been fun. Enjoy filling it up. hugs, Donna

  9. Looks like fun. I like a nice creative outlet.

  10. First, I love that picture of you. And yes, you, my beloved Gina, are the Journaling Queen. Enough to inspire me to do the same. I've never crated a real journal. I might do a page here and there, or something that looks like it, but not a dedicated journal.

    I will start a very eclectic one. And I will have a blast with it.

    Did I tell you that I love that picture?