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Monday, 17 February 2014

3's the charm....

Quick blog-by.....
the latest 3 classes from Soul Food.....
Class 13 with Jodi Ohl

Class 14 with Michelle Sylvia

Class 15 with Ayala Arts

each class is so different I am in an art frenzy.....bye :D
( also in process of planning and building a little shelter in the garden to write poetry in...
Hadn't realised how much I was missing it til last week)


  1. Spectacular Art Works for your creative walls in your
    Poet' s Cottage!! Yes !!! more poems are waiting! Let them flow and question none! Please share as I love the previous one very much, and is now part of my "special" book of moments. xoDebi

  2. Do you know...never thought about using my art in the "poets corner" lol

  3. Oh Gina, these are wonderful pages. Cannot decide which I like most.
    My blogheader is a part of a scan of one of my journal pages.

  4. Gina, these are all so beautiful! I love them! Make sure you take a picture of your little shelter ;o)
    I think you should come over to my blog ;o) I think you will be doing my happy dance ;o) You must have waved your magic wand ;o) Your name was pulled ;o)
    Hugs ;o)

  5. Oh I love them all but 14 is my favourite - loving the colours!

  6. All three art pieces are amazing! I really can't single one out above the others! A poetry shelter sounds nice and quaint. We have a disaster zone art studio/guest house - not sure what it really is yet!
    Anyway, have a wonderful day!

  7. Wow. Your little artist have a lot of potential.

  8. Oh my, Memphis let the cat out of the bag... Our whole house is really is a disaster art/office/art zone ;) I love your recent work, and I am ashamed to say I haven't done any of the Soulfood tutorials yet... Crap and your fabulous art here makes me realise I am missing out big time!!!

  9. I love the results of class 13--it looks like Spring married Summer and is having an affair with Autumn. I LOVE those colors.