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Thursday, 6 February 2014

So what you been up to Gina???

Well Blogger....I am arting my socks off :D Unfortunately that means I forget to come visit you, but when I do I have lots to show you :D
Firstly I will show you the card I made this week. We don't write to people very often these days, so when I do I like to make the effort and send something more than a scrap of paper....
In my last post I mentioned an atc I had made. They are way to small to just mail, so I made this creepy card to send it in :D

We scrapbookers have stashes of 12 x 12 papers we hoard ...but they can be soooo perfect for card making...

 Some simple matting and layering, and a little fancy cutting...
and you have the perfect card for the occasion :D And it doesn't hurt to make a little effort with the envelope too....

Next a quick look at my new pinboard...
tis huge! about 4 1/2 x 3 feet....

I am filling it with the yummy cards and tags and notes sent by arty friends (and a few bits of my own).
 It will be a wall of inspiration :D

Did I show you the doggy I knitted for my niece last month??(Patons book 3867) It is nearly as tall as her, and she named him "Morley" lol 

This is my shadow box made (from scratch) for an online class with Sarah Hand via the Soul Food course I am taking...
*loves my little moonstruck bunny*

And today? I am playing with oil pastels with Jeanette House (also at Soul Food)

So as you can see (and I haven't shown you everything yet!!!) I have been a happy little arting bunny :D
Hope you are all suffering from similar Art attacks.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. goodness you have been the arting goddess. Good for you. It all looks wonderful. as they say Carry On. Oma Linda

  2. Love the ART Festival going on I. Your FAB! world! Your inspiration board is a treasure! Cuddle friends and adorable bunnies as well! Pastel your way out of this
    Despicable Season and back to that luscious Holly of yours!
    See you and your muse at the soirée! xoDebi

  3. Wow Gina, you've been very very busy. Fantastic projects. Love the doggy.

  4. Oh my!! You have been busy and I. Love. It. All.
    Your pin board is a true inspiration...sigh...
    Hugs xx
    p.s. my favourite is the shadow has a soft spot for bunnies..

  5. Gina! Wow! You are so talented girl! Everything you create is so special and so beautiful! I love it all! Big Hugs and great to hear from you! Miss you!

  6. Wow you have been busy, loving your inspiration board fabulous stuff and how cute is that shadow box and how gorgeous is that ATC! All beautiful! Hope you have a happy arting day today!

  7. Can I please have your pin board? I know you need it, too. But it's sooo delightfully pretty, so just give it to me. With everything that's pinned to it. And your niece's bunny. Okay greed, stop writing already!

    You have to excuse my greed, she loves beautiful things. Now, abut that pin board...

  8. You are arting your socks, shoes & frigging gloves off LOL! Great to catch up on your output, and that pinboard is a cosmos of creativity - LOVE IT :)

  9. Looks like you've been busy. I like your work. Thank you for sharing it.