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Thursday, 6 March 2014

It's MARCH!!!!...Already????

Can't believe I forgot to show you the finished doll lol. February is a beautiful but very annoying month....I have regularly "missed" my own Birthday because I don't realise it is March already!
Well here she is...flying amongst the metal poppies (where else would a steampunk faerie flit?)
 Being sensibly minded...all Steampunk Faeries have removable wings...
 and now I am on to another gift. This one will be a "Dark Faerie"....
 But I am also making a very special doll for my Hues of Oz Project...
 I will be giving her away as part of the Back to Oz blog party :D
And as it is my birthday...and I remembered lol....
I bought(with hubbies cash) this awesome old bureau for my books, and to write at...
 AND I won these gorgeous original artworks by Steve Allender the most talented artist I have had the pleasure to not meet. An awesomely witty cartoonist and superb master of Impressionism 
*but I is in love with Lefty*
So all in all I am having a lovely day
Enjoy :D XXX
p.s.......I has frog spawn too...YAY!


  1. Just look at you go! It's know wonder the calendar flips without notice! I just love your lasted talent! Knitted Faeries! That is magic!
    Now go kick up those feet ! Celebrate ! xoxoDebi

  2. Yes! I want to know what and why! frog spawn, but afraid to ask! xoDebi

    1. lol...I have a pond...the first spawn has been laid this last weekend :D

  3. Frog spawn is awesome.....I'm officially jealous. I love tadpoles.
    Hey looks like you are getting down to it with the lovely green and black creature for OZ. I can hardly wait. You have made my day with happy anticipation.
    Oma Linda

  4. You should never be too busy to miss your birthday you crafty genius! Happy days & years to you gorgeous Gina, I love your fairy with removable wings (that makes me smile, she can be naughty when they are off).. we have cane toads in Queensland, freaking almost step on them coming up the driveway at night, ugly as sin LOL, big & stupid, actually I have grown a bit fond of them, but don't tell anyone, they are apparently a pest ;)

  5. Oh I love the art work, the steampunk faerie and that bureau! Fabulous stuff, hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  6. It's your birthday? today? Yesterday? Happy Birthday! Big Hugs ;o) I, Love, Love, Love your faeries! Beautiful old bureau ;o) You will be writing some special stories at this bureau! Amazing cartoons! Lucky girl ;o) Have fun with the frog spawn ;o)

  7. Yes, time is 'marching' on (sorry, couldn't help it). HAPPY BIRTHDAY - hope you have a wonderful year. LOVE your dolls - so much character - you must be having fun. Also, how lucky can you get winning those beautiful paintings - and have to admit - if you find your old 'secretary' missing, it will be at my house. hugs, Donna

  8. I really love your doll with her pink lips :) Congrats to your wonderful win.

  9. Wow. Your doll came out amazing. Thanks for sharing the finished pick with us.