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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

...and while I am obsessed....

Meet "Moon Dancer"
 She will be leaving shortly to dance with a lovely lady by the name of Lorelei aka Eliora, who makes the most gorgeous Pagan accoutrements.
I have known her for quite sometime, but realised I have never sent her a gift. I decided to make her a doll, but wanted specific colours for the fabric.
Didn't have any, so I painted my own, inspired by lesson 44 at Soul Food by Kristen Powers , in which she showed us how to mono print using a rubber mat.
 I smooshed some craft paints onto my rubber mat and then spread a piece of cream cotton over the top to get this nummy swirly print. I took a second print each time to acquire a paler matching piece.
 Then I highlighted shapes with a permanent marker.
 Some of the paints I used(Martha Stewarts) were pearlescent and remained shimmery on the fabric.
 Now it was just a case of choosing which doll pattern to use. I chose the "Titania" model from Cloth Doll Making by Jane Horrox
 I wanted something "floaty" for her skirt, so I chose a silky scarf from my stash...
 and gave her soft silky hair...
she also has added sparklie, but you can't see it from these pics.
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. As easy as that right! Your portfolio of stunning Goddesses and their one of a kind " accoutrements"
    ( another word for the simple Canadian!) is growing and your celebrity with it, xo

  2. Oh do you know I own that book - about time I did something with it - she's gorgeous!

    1. You so should!!! you can alter and mix and match elements from each pattern, and of course use any fabrics you want

  3. She is absolutely perfect! I'm enchanted by her hair. I bet it will make Lorelei grin for days. I hope she talks to The Bloody Bride every now and then. ;-D

  4. Gina - You are a brilliant creatrix! I am undone by your kindness and generosity. Everything about "Moon Dancer" is perfection. I will treasure and cherish her as I do our friendship <3

  5. Jawdropping gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful creation. I can't think of a soul more worthy than our sweet Lorelei. <3

  6. Absolutely beautiful! You did an amazing job with the painted fabric!!

  7. She's absolutely AWESOME. I drool over these sorts of dolls, however never have the patience to make them -- believe me I know what it takes - so don't try and tell us it was all so very 'simple'! A beautiful outcome. enjoyed following the process. xoDonna

  8. I know I have said this many of times, but I am going to say it again, I wish you had a shop ;o) Your creations are amazing girl!! They are filled with so much love and passion ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  9. Wow - wow - wow, such a wonderful doll. Love it.