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Monday, 9 June 2014

Meet Hortense Hare (with the "Fuck You!" stare...

Well she isn't in all her finery yet, but she is almost ready for her appearance at the Mad Tea Party in July.

(Doll based on Miranda pattern from Jane Horrox's Cloth Dolls)
 Hortense would be horrified to know I have shared such personal and intimate pics of her...
 I mean, she's barely got her face on yet...
 or her gown!
 Hortense is a very confidently secretive LADY...
 Nor would she normally allow you to see her wild hair...
 that belies her rather risqué behaviour out of the view of uninvited guests *uh hum*  
 So for the most part she has her hair quiet firmly under control.
Hortense will be visible in all her glory at...
where she is hoping to meet up with a rather distinguished gentleman Hare!
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Laughing out loud! Best "fuck you stare" EVER!!!

  2. Chip Off the " Mae West" block! Bella of the Tea Ball hands down! xo

  3. She looks amazing. I am sure she will be a great addition to the tea party.

  4. "Fuck You' Stare! LOL! You are so cute ;o) I love the doll! ;o)

  5. "hose who would dare, to challenge her glare,
    They find her deliciously naughty!"

    I dare! I dare! Now, dear love, show me that "Fuck You Stare." LOL!