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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

So sad....

(I don't now who this image belongs to, but I hope they won't mind me sharing it here)

You could always see the sadness in his soul, but he shared such hope and happiness.
When I heard the news of his passing today I was pushed to write a short piece.
Much Love Mr Williams, you are the epitome of "irreplaceable"


A hug isn't always enough...
When you hear your child sobbing quietly to himself.
"What's wrong darling?"
"I don't know..."
"Why are you crying?"
"I'm just so sad"

A hug isn't all it takes...
To drive away the daemons in his heart.
"Why are you sad baby?"
"I don't know..."
"What is hurting you?"
"Everything, this world is horrible!"

A hug can't always heal he pain or injustice
That to him is so intense...
"Who do I need to talk to?"
" I don't know!!!"
"Let me try sweetheart"
"No point...they just won't get it!"

"What can I do to feel better?"
"Can I have a hug?"
Because sometimes...just sometimes...
a hug IS enough.

May your soul finally find peace 
Blessed Be



  1. Lovely poem Gina! Lives are deep ( sometimes) and layered . " laughing on the outside, crying on the inside" I am saddened by this news for so many reasons.

  2. Robin's death moved and shocked me deeply. In 2000, I was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. "The Bird Cage" became a huge part of my life, for whatever reasons. Mainly, it made me laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Sometimes I would watch it twice a day. Tears would run down my cheeks. I honestly think that film and Robin Williams had a great deal to do with saving my life. I have always kept a copy since then and watched it last night as a tribute to his contribution on this earth. I'm sure he had much more to do before he left. I also understand he couldn't complete it he was in so much pain. I have been affected deeply by this death as have many, I'm sure. Your poem is beautiful, Gina, and so true. It is with a deep sadness and pit in my stomach I bit farewell to such a genius. Farewell Robin, may you be at peace. You gave all you had and we loved you. xoDonna

  3. Such great loss... But, like you, I hope that in death he finds the peace that escaped him in life. Such a light... I hope he shines in the Summerlands.

  4. A heartfelt poem Gina......just sometimes...indeed!
    xoxo Sioux

  5. Ah Gina that's beautiful, brought a tear to my eye - so very sad the news today

  6. Gina, your poem is so beautiful! You really touched my heart! I hope Robin, truly finds peace ;o) I hope he is dancing and making everyone laugh! ;o) Such a brilliant soul!
    My friend, as you know, I am very behind in blog land, but I am kicking my butt in gear and starting to get around ;o) My friend, you don't have to send me anything! You are such a sweetheart! I love you! Sometimes, well, many of times, I think too much! I worry too much! This year for me has been a great lesson in letting go and trusting! Robin's death woke me up! You get things in your mind and you have to say, ENOUGH!!! I took his death as a great sign to me!!!
    Big Hugs ;o) xoxoxo

    1. Too late lol....I have already started making your gift :P

  7. What a simply beautiful tribute to such a funny man who held so much sadness in his heart Gina. R.I.P Robin