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Friday, 31 October 2014

Blind Fate...

As I have parcelled up Poppet to send to it's new owner...
 But how to choose...?
What is more Random than Rafflecopter...?
OOOOW I know!!!
A teenage boy on half term break!!!!
So I broke into his den...
stuck a marker in his hand and held the paper with all the names on sideways(just for added confusion)
and he went straight back to sleep lol Well it is only lunchtime :/

and "Blinder than Fate" chose....

(it was a complete list...this is a close up)
Congratulations :D

Off to the post office now :D
Blessed Samhain to all


  1. Ha ha - I love it! I will definitely be using this method with my teenage daughter for future giveaways, rather than Rafflecopter. :)

    Such a cute prize!

    Congratulations to lovely Magaly...oh, and I was so close too! xx

  2. I'll have to remember this method :-)

    Congrats Magaly, your doll collection just keeps growing!!!

  3. Congrats to Ms. M and also to you for being oh so clever with the teenager. Gotta make good use out of them somehow, eh?

  4. WoooHooo! This is sooo excited. I saw the picture of the puppet and made googly eyes at it before I know we were meant for each other. It was giggles and cackles at second sight.

    You tell Zac that I will pay him later. ;-D I mean, *cough, cough, cough*

  5. Congratulations Magaly! I love the idea of the randomness of a sleeping teen!

    Try not to curse too many people with that, Magaly :P

  6. One clever Mum! Work those young people! Congratulations Magaly!

  7. Yeh Magaly ;o) Love how the winner was chosen! LOL! I hope you had a blessed Samhain ;o) Big Hugs ;o)