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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Crappy Days

Ok...had a Crappy week with youngest struggling at school. Aspergers, hormones(he turned 16 today) and GCSE's make for a really bad recipe in my world.
To break the headache I try something new .... saw this in the supermarket...
 No idea what it was, but the name sounded freakish "POMELO"
Turns out it is a citrus fruit of some kind (thanks Wiki)
 Youtube provided instructions on how to prepare it lol
(for a technophobe I loves me some Google)
 For a cost of £1.87 each there is an awful lot of packaging...
 and apparently not a lot of fruit...
 an awful lot of work...
 though it isn't very juicy so not sticky or messy to peel.
 I would describe the texture as that of pomegranate bits...
 I awful lot of waste for not a lot of fruit.
And it isn't very sweet...but then it may be used as a savoury dish.
So does anyone know what I can make with this?
It looks like grapefruit, but taste like a bland dry orange :/
I am thinking a bag of brown sugar may need adding lol
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Sorry to hear you're having a crappy day :(

    I've never tried a Pomelo, but I agree, there does appear to be more waste than fruit. I found something that may be of interest to you, for using the peel up that is ::

    And as for the fruit, apparently, you can enhance its flavour with chili, mint and liime, and serve it with prawns ::

    I'd love to know what you do with it :)

    1. Was thinking it would go with thai curry :D

  2. you are an adventurer....I've seen but never ventured into unchartered waters with a Pomelo. And I might add after seeing the amount of work versus the treasure at the end......uh not so much. So what did you end up making...or did you?

  3. Wheel that knife! Best I got for you is 3 fingers Gin , juicy cherry on the rocks!
    Oh! A Huge Canadian Bear Hug! xo

  4. Nope can't help hun, I didn't get along with pomelo's for the same reason - pretty much - what do you do with it? Hope the issues with your youngest improve


    1. Thanks Virginia...I know you understand the stress X

  5. Somebody once gave me some home made pomelo marmalade....can't imagine it's worth all the hassle though with all that peel to deal with! Perhaps you were not far wrong with the need for a bag of sugar!!! LOL
    xoxo Sioux

    1. Yep...I'm feeling marmalady :D

  6. I think I'd cover it to soak in Grand Marnier, and maybe a little of it's own juices and put a big dollop of thickened honeyed cream on top & have for dessert? Hey sorry to hear about your crappy day, Happy Birthday to your son, teens are so much harder than terrible 2's LOL... Yesterday was first day back at term for my 17 year old, we couldn't find school shoes, like that's not true, FOUND ONE, ONE SCHOOL SHOE... yes, there were tears, she was actually just going to wear socks in & borrow a pair from the school office, I realise how good my mother was, fucking rewarding, but hard job this being a parent ;) Hence the Grand Marnier!

    1. Now that is a seriously good suggestion!!! "stress nightmare" is first day back at school and my uniform is still in the wash lol

  7. I hope the boy is doing better... and you, too, dear love.

    About the pomelo, well, I would just eat the fruit--I have no self control. I would use all that thick peel to make some of this:

    1. ♥X♥X♥ That's love and blessings, by the way. ;-)

  8. Gina, I hope your son is better and I hope you are doing well ;o)
    I have never heard of or seen this fruit before? I don't think I will be buying it! LOL! You have to tell us what you made! I like Shelle's suggestion ;o) Big Hugs ;o)