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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Hortense has a new hat!

*Inspired by Rhissanna*
....but that is the least of the Queens worries.
 Ever since Harriet went away, Hortense has changed....
 She has taken to carrying a very strange looking doll she refers to as her "Little Poppet"
(Inspired by Ash-Lynn)
 If asked, Hortense claims it is a doll that belonged to Harriet when she was a Kit, and that it makes her feel closer to her absent daughter...
 She has opened the back seam to add fragrant Rosemary to facilitate happy memories...
 and has included two little trinkets.
 The heart shaped button signifying the love shared between mother and daughter, while the Rose charm reminds her of her daughters "rosey" cheeks....all fastened in with 2 pins(one red and one white).
Now there are those amongst you who may think this doll serves a more sinister purpose...
and you may be right.
Hortense is very sad about her daughter being so far away (even though she is in regular contact, and knows she is enjoying her new life). Horatio is off on his last voyage collecting roses for the Queen....she does so love her roses does the Queen of Hearts....
She talks about them constantly to Hortense while having fittings for her latest gown....which has the most darling gold heart-shaped buttons....and Hortense has to be very careful NOT to stick Her Majesty with the oh so sharp red and white pins as she twitches and prattles on.
Some say Hortense has a new longer does she throw parties for all to laugh and dance while Horatio is away. Rather she organises quieter, more select gatherings...late at night...with soft, rhythmic music and steaming goblets of fragrant wine.

 The Queen has decided to confront Hortense about her secretive behaviour, but the ever ready Hortense distracts her with a new hat to match her gown...
 "..and look! You can still wear your crown too!"
 She follows up quickly by complimenting Her Majesty on the beautiful pendant she is wearing,
 before excusing herself and rushing away.
Not to be put off, the Queen grabs a candle and follows Hortense into the darkening night...
and catches up with her in the deepest, darkest part of the garden...
 "Just WHAT, may One ask, do you think you are playing at Hortense?"
Hortense invites the Queen to take a seat, and a very interesting conversation ensues...
but that is for you to hear another day.
Brought to you as part of " A Fanciful Twist's" 

Why not pop by and see what everyone else is up to?
Enjoy :D XXX

Ok...felt guilty about not having a giveaway(need to hold on to Her Maj for future posts), so I have made a quick "poppet" and will pick someone from the comments on Samhain eve. It's pouch contains rose petals and rosemary from my garden/a small shell from an ancient beach  and a pinch of sage from a very witchy place(by sage I meant lavender, will add sage now) play nice children :D XXX



  1. Oh, your dolls are adorable and what interesting lives they lead. I love their beautiful dresses. Don't you think we could all use one of those hat and crown combos?
    Cheers, Sarah

  2. I knew that dress would get to party! And the hat is perfect. And you, Mrs. Gina, are wicked. How can you just make us wait to see what this young lady is getting up to?

    LOVE Little Poppet; the soft texture and feeling, and the pin... *cough*

    Can't wait to see what goes on in this quiet chant-filled late night gatherings!

  3. I absolutely love this post. Poppet is adorable! ♥

  4. I can empathize with Hortence and understand her , quietly! The poppet is magical and a necessary family addition indeed!
    Clever new hat to dawn the crown! Keep those inspiration nights flowing creative heart!

  5. Gina, you are seriously rocking this doll-making thing! Hortense and her hat AND her doll are fabulous! xox

  6. I adore Hortense new hat, it looks marvelous on her, and her little poppet friend is adorable; I don't know what inspired it (grinning ear to ear) but I love it and what it stands for. I am feeling that pain today, today is my daughters 18th birthday party and I'm dying a little on the inside because my baby is not a baby anymore and is spreading her wings and getting ready to fly away.

  7. Love your dolls and their stories. An original and magical post it is. take care, Darlene

  8. Oh my gosh! *runs around, falling over things!* This is so wonderful. I LOVE your dolls! And the hats, you actually made the hats! Putting a link to this on my blog right now! Thank you!

  9. Oh, and the double row of green lace is awesome!

  10. Gina I love love love what you make - absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Your dolls are just fabulous! and love their distinct personalities- LOVE their hats- do they come in human sizes LOL?

  12. Ohhh My! The story continues..... tehehee!!! So love the word poppet! We have a dear friend who called my daughter poppet years ago, such sweet memories! Delightful and chilling time I had! Cheers! ;)

  13. This was such a creative post and your art dolls are so beautifully made! Thank you for coming over to visit my party, I had a wonderful time at yours.



  14. What lovely poppets. I will have to check in and see what the convo's about.

  15. Oh, Hortense!! You are fabulous!! Loved getting to know you better, my Dear!

  16. What a fun party!! I do so love your dolls! And thank you so much for having visited The Circus at The Tearoom!

    Wishing you a lovely and spooky Halloween!


  17. What a fascinating story! Maybe the nasty queen will get her comeuppance? I love the mystery of it!

  18. Hello Gina,
    As always I love your posts. Your dolls are magical and your story telling divine!
    I would adore a little "poppet" of my own… Please count me in for your give away!
    I already follow you and love checking in from time to time.
    Come by and have a peak at my Halloween party, soooo much fun.
    Thank you and Halloween Blessing to you and your family!

    1. Yours was one of the first parties I visited Tricia....Loved every inch of your garden, and enjoyed the creepy banjo player :D XXX

  19. Hi Gina, everything is full of your magical touch.You are such an amazing talent. I hope that you have a wonderful Halloween with all of your dolls.