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Thursday, 29 January 2015

Diving in with PINK!

Finally got some more scrapbooking done yesterday....
Youngest in his Shrek pjs and hat one Christmas many moons ago...
and some gaming device lol
(Fantasy collection from Dovecaft)
 Youngest, hubby and myself dressed up for a school Centenary celebration...
the whole school in breeches and cloth caps, all girls in white pinafores...and one tall male teacher in a top hat really enjoying being allowed to shout at everyone as "Acting Head" for the day lol
(Botanical collage from K&Co)
 The final layout is youngest making macaroons with his Gramma (that's how she spells it)
and I actually found the sugar pink paper made it a happy smiley kind of page when mixed with the soft blue and white.
(Girls Rule Scrapbook kit)
*wants cake now*
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. I love your scrappiness! I'm jealous I love your beautifully displayed memories!
    I will leave that to Amy, THERE, something to leave the kids after all! Thank you Gina! xoDebi

    1. Delegation is a wonderful tool lol

  2. Gina they are all fabulous layouts - love them all, especially the pink one!

  3. Gina, perfect! I love what you have done! Love the photos!

  4. Is it horrible that I can't stop thinking about macaroons? *sigh*