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Thursday, 30 April 2015

And Finally...

Last day of National Poetry Writing Month. Your choice.
Thank you to everyone for commenting on my poems each day. It was a last minute decision to take part in the marathon event, and I wasn't sure I could manage to write something unique each day.
Hope I did, and hope you found at least one that meant something to you personally.
If nothing else, it certainly go me back into regular posting :D

What Big Teeth we have....

With my big eyes I watch you
as you plot and plan and scheme.

With my big ears I listen
as you rampage through your dream.

With my big nose I smell the sweetness
you combine with rot.

With my big hands I feel the heat
of Witchy passions hot.

With my big feet I join you as
you set us all a dance.

With my big limbs I back you up
when you need to make a stance.

But of all the "bigness" we both share
our great big teeth most grim.
Show everyone what dangers lurk
behind our Witchy grin.

For Magaly.
(yes I stole your photo :P )
Here's to many more years of following your wickedest of witchy footsteps :D



  1. LOL The Big Red Riding Hood was also our Pied Piper of Poetry! Awesome tribute!

  2. LOL The Big Red Riding Hood was also our Pied Piper of Poetry! Awesome tribute!

  3. Awesome tribute. Love it. Favorite line "rampage through your dreams". That's perfect. Well done, Gina,

    I will miss coming around every day and reading your lovely poems. :-( Thanks for all your work. I enjoyed it immensely.


  4. Oh you wacky wabbits! I always enjoy my visits, and especially when you are expressing your inner passions! Now publish already! xDebi

  5. Oh, wonderful tribute! Love the rhymes, Gina! And, Rommy, love that you called Magaly our Pied Piper of Poetry! Have loved this time! Knew some of you before, met some new, but got to know everyone WAY better! It has been a delight!

  6. I was laughing like a banshee by the time I got to the end of this. It has been so much fun getting to know you, your writing, and your big teeth! And as far as you and the Instigator in Chief--what a pair to draw to! Thanks for your company through the ups and downs of the cruelest month.

  7. You had to make me cry, didn't you? While laughing, too, so that I looked even sillier. But big teeth and big grins never felt so good. Thank you for this, Gina Love, you rocketh my world. (((♥))

  8. Awwwwww ;o) This is priceless!!!!