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Sunday, 19 April 2015

Be Grateful...

Summon the green within.write a poem from the view point of a sentient tree who gets to address his/her keeper.

Glad to be alive.
At last I have the chance to speak with you Oh wondrous Goddess!
You honour me with the gift of life, 
allowing me to provide food and shelter for so many.

You lend strength to my out-stretched limbs,
that I may embrace all who need me.
You send rain when I am thirsty and sun to warm my bones.

So I stand, ever as a symbol of your greatness,
arms held high in praise of your goodness.
While those around me fade to nothingness.

(kept reading the promt as "sentinal" instead of sentient)
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Aw! I think it works very well as both sentient and sentinel.

  2. I love that it has bones, for then a lot of strength would be needed to keep those limbs aim at the sky 24/7. And what Rommy said, this gorgeous green miracle is certainly "sentient and sentinel".

  3. Sentinel is an appropriate way to describe a tree, the silent watchers. :-) Nice write, Gina.

  4. What a lovely homage to both the goddess and her sentinel!

  5. Trees are indeed sentient, and sentinels for the great mother and her ways, our earth. Lovely poem.

  6. Beautiful Gina! Truly beautiful ;o)