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Tuesday, 21 April 2015!

Challenge the veracity of at least 3 negative thoughts

("La...La...!" painted for Soulfood 2014)

Back off Bitch!

How much do I REALLY care...
That I can't control my curly hair?
Jealous of your "flick" and flare...
Is wilder hair unfair?

How much DOES it matter...
That my hips have grown much fatter,
And tight jeans no longer flatter?
If I stamp, my foes still scatter.

How much DO I give a damn...
That at drama you are such a "ham",
And you "caring" is just a scam?
Not a SCRAM!

I though this one was going to be hard as I'm a pretty "positive" kinda gal. So I have to thank the mardy mare that is the main source of negative thoughts in my life for this one :D
Enjoy XXX



  1. Give 'em hell Gina! LOL, loved it!

  2. Give 'em hell Gina! LOL, loved it!

  3. I'm scramming, I promise. ;) Powerful words today!

  4. Oh wow. This is great. Love it. Good rhyme scheme, nice meter and "If I stamp, my foes still scatter,". Awesome. I like the energy. Whoever inspired this poem better watch out! Lol. :-)

  5. Yes! Yes! And, yes! Put it out there!This was great!

  6. Stamp! Stamp!! Stamp!!! Then we'll make midnight margaritas, plant flowers over the fresh earth, and dance to set in the dirt.

    We all have a thorn in our side that brings terrible things out of us. We are better when we take that energy and turn it into something positive: like a poem about why they should freaking back off!

  7. I have No idea what a mardy mare is, but she better stay away! Wonderful prose to match extradinare ART xoDebi